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The Center for Bariatric Surgery

Parker Adventist Hospital

About Our Program

Our team of experienced weight loss surgery experts, work closely with your surgeon to help you achieve optimal weight loss success. We provide continuity of care and foster a collaborative environment between our team and your surgeon. The multidisciplinary team of board-certified surgeons, dietitians, nurses, trainers and other specialists, The Center for Bariatric Surgery is sensitive to your needs, well-educated about weight loss surgery and dedicated to helping you achieve long term success.

Rochelle Goforth shares her bariatric journey.

Rochelle's giant leap of faith.

Parker Adventist Hospital’s Center for Bariatric Surgery helps hundreds of community members each year with advanced and nationally-recognized weight loss surgery. Rochelle Goforth describes her amazing journey through bariatric surgery and her new life after surgery.

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Bariatric surgery options include:

  • Gastric bypass. As the most common type of bariatric procedure, gastric bypass involves creating a new, smaller stomach pouch to facilitate eating smaller meals, which results in the individual consuming fewer calories.
  • Sleeve gastrectomy. This bariatric procedure involves removing 80 percent of the stomach. The new stomach holds a much smaller volume of food and therefore restricts the individual from indulging in too many calories.
  • Robotic Bariatric Surgery. Robotic surgery allows for less blood loss, less pain, and a shorter hospital stay. The gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, removal of a band and/or conversion to a sleeve, and other revisional bariatric procedures can all be done robotically.
  • Components of Our Program

    • Nutritional counseling with a registered dietician specializing in weight loss surgery and management
    • Psychological counseling with a psychologist
    • Medically supervised pre-operative weight loss classes
    • Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence accredited surgical facility with bariatric surgery trained care teams
    • Weight loss surgery support groups
    • Internet-based learning options
    • Post-operative support with our registered dietician and psychologist
    • On-going coordination with your bariatric surgeon
  • Why Choose Our Program

    • Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) Accredited
    • A Bariatric Coordinator is on staff and specializes in weight loss surgery; working with patients throughout the process and provide coordination throughout the patients hospitalization
    • Psychologist are on staff who perform preoperative evaluations, as well as ongoing counseling if needed
    • Dietitians are on staff who have vast experience with the special nutritional needs of weight loss surgery patients provide preoperative and discharge education
    • Anesthesiologists who are skilled at working with the health concerns of obesity, and have a proven protocol to provide patients with a safe surgical experience
    • An OR Team who has the experience and expertise required to ensure quality care in a technologically advanced surgical environment
    • Nurses who are proficient and knowledgeable in the care of weight loss surgery patients
    • Furnishings, equipment, and patient gowns that are size appropriate to protect the safety and dignity of our patients
    • An aftercare program managed by our bariatric coordinator in conjunction with your bariatric surgeon; where patients are followed closely after their discharge to ensure all questions are answered and that patients remain on a successful course of weight loss following surgery 
  • Your First Appointment at the Center for Bariatric Surgery

    Please plan on spending approximately three hours with us for your first appointment. You will be meeting with our bariatric coordinator who will orient you to all the services and support we provide. You will then complete a nutritional evaluation by our registered dietician. This is required by all insurance companies to obtain an authorization for surgery. Finally, you will complete a comprehensive psychological evaluation by our licensed psychologist who specializes in bariatric surgery.