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Our Services

At Pinnacle, we offer a full range of comprehensive women’s healthcare services (GYN) and obstetric(OB) care. We have your best interest at heart and are here every step of the way in your health care choices.

  • Teen Gynecologic Care

    For teens, seeing a gynecologist (GYN) for the first time can be an uncomfortable and scary experience, however pre-teen and teen care is extremely important. The needs of teens and young women are unique and different from those of older women. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommend that teens start seeing a gynecologist between the age of 13 and 15.

    At Pinnacle Women's Healthcare, we understand and respect these needs and concerns, and take this into account in how we approach the care of our teen patients. We create a safe and welcoming environment where adolescents feel comfortable talking to our physicians and staff about their health questions and concerns.

    During your appointment your provider will discuss your health history, health concerns you may be experiencing, talk to you about how your body works and provide tips on minimizing your risks and developing healthy habits.

    The HPV Vaccine

    Pinnacle Women's Healthcare offers the Gardasil ® vaccine in our office. The HPV vaccine helps protect women from most cervical cancers. In addition to providing cervical cancer protection, Gardasil ® also defends against most genital warts. The HPV vaccination can protect against HPV virus 6, 11, 16 and 18.

  • Women's Gynecology Care

    Welcome to women's care at Pinnacle Women's Healthcare! Our gynecologists (GYN) provide care to women in the Parker, Denver metro area from adolescence to menopause and beyond. We welcome you to explore the below links to learn more about our women services offered through our practice. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality gynecological and women's services care.

    At Pinnacle Women's Healthcare, our gynecologists provide care to women in the Denver metro area from adolescence to menopause and beyond. 

    Our physicians are active partners in your healthcare, taking time to understand your individual health needs, address your concerns and answer any questions you have. We know that in each stage of your life your medical needs change. Pinnacle Women's Healthcare provides comprehensive gynecological care and women's health services, including:

    • Annual well woman exam (may or may not include a Pap smear)
    • Contraception options - IUDs, birth control pills, injection and implants
    • Hysterosonogram and Doppler ultrasound
    • Menopausal health
    • Minimally invasive surgery-da Vinci® Si™ HD robotic surgical system
    • Ovarian cysts
    • Endometrial ablation (treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding)
    • Endometriosis
    • Endometrial biopsy
    • NovaSure® (treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding)
    • Colposcopy and LEEP to help prevent cervical cancer
    • Cervical cancer screening

    Minimally Invasive Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

    Our physicians at Pinnacle Women’s Healthcare are trained in cutting edge minimally invasive robotic gynecologic surgery, including da Vinci ® Si ™ HD Robotic Surgical System techniques and equipment. Some of the minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries our physicians perform include, NovaSure ® and endometrial ablation (treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding), hysterectomies, uterine fibroids and cervical and uterine cancer. Minimally invasive robotic surgery requires just a few small incisions each about half-inch long to allow for the insertion of very small surgical instruments. These smaller incisions generally means less blood loss during surgery, less pain, less risk of infection, a shorter hospital stay, and a faster recovery than traditional surgical approaches.

    Pinnacle Women’s Healthcare specializes in the below minimally invasive robotic gynecologic procedures:

    • NovaSure ®, endometrial ablation (treatment for abnormal uterine bleeding)
    • Vaginal hysterectomies
    • Uterine fibroids
    • Cervical and uterine cancer
  • Pregnancy

    Providing obstetric (pregnancy) care to Parker and the Denver metro area

    At Pinnacle Women's Healthcare our main goal is healthy moms and babies through your entire pregnancy and delivery. As an active partner in your pregnancy, we are dedicated to creating a personalized experience that fits your individual preferences and needs. 

    We strongly believe in relationship based care, providing you with as much information as possible, so you feel empowered and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, we will educate you on the different stages you will experience, and the various tests your baby will need. 

    Our partnership with The BirthPlace at Parker Adventist Hospital, allows us to provide you and your baby with the best possible care. All of our babies are delivered at The BirthPlace, where a team of highly trained perinatologists, 24/7 on-call anesthesiologists, neonatal specialists from Children's Hospital Colorado and International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), are standing by ready to care for you and your baby.  

    We look forward to supporting, educating and caring for you through your pregnancy journey and beyond.

    Morning Sickness

    It is not clearly understood why morning sickness occurs. We know most women experience nausea and at least one third experience vomiting. It:

    • Usually begins between your first and second missed period.
    • Typically eases by the end of your third month and occasionally lasts throughout pregnancy.
    • Can occur anytime and can last a few minutes to many hours.
    • Does NOT mean there is something wrong with your baby.

    What causes morning sickness?
    Experts believe a combination of factors contribute to nausea. For example:

    • Women have heightened sensitivity to sights, smells, motion, temperature changes, fatigue and stress during pregnancy.
    • Abundant pregnancy hormones and low blood sugar increases your risk of developing nausea.
    • Pregnancy related changes to your digestive system may cause nausea.
    • Routine medications such as prenatal vitamins and iron may cause nausea.

    What can you do about it?
    Do what works for you! Discovering what triggers your symptoms and making some changes may help you feel better. For example:

    • Avoid or decrease sights, sounds and smells that produce symptoms.
    • Get out of bed slowly and avoid sudden movements.
    • Eat saltines and whole wheat crackers before getting out of bed in the morning, at bedtime and when making a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
    • Try taking your prenatal vitamins and iron before going to bed.
    • Adjust room temperatures to a cooler setting and have good airflow to reduce odors.
    • Go outside for some fresh air.
    • Get adequate sleep and rest.
    • Practice relaxation techniques.
    • Talk to your provider about unconventional measures (acupressure wristbands, acupuncture or hypnosis).
    • Get help and "budget your energy"; ask friends or family to help until you feel better.
    • Notify your provider if you lose weight, vomit more than three times a day and cannot keep anything down.

    What about eating and drinking?

    • Eat small, frequent meals every two to three hours.
    • Carbohydrate foods such as crackers, toast, potatoes or cereal tend to digest easily and can help ease nausea.
    • Consume food either very warm or very cold.
    • Avoid greasy or fatty foods.
    • Weak tea, ginger tea, very cold carbonated drinks, fruit juices, crushed ice or ice-pops, may sit easier on your stomach.
    • Try not to eat or drink during the same meal, sip fluids between meals.
    • Sit upright after meals.
    • Consider taste (salty, sweet, bland) - one might be easier to tolerate than the others.
    • Consider texture (soft, hard, smooth, crunchy) - one might be more appetizing to you.
    • Keep a food diary - you may find that eating certain foods at certain times of the day will help ease nausea.

    What medications are used to manage nausea and vomiting of pregnancy?
    Several different medications are commonly prescribed to treat nausea. Your physician will discuss these medications with you and decide which one(s) will provide the most benefit for you and your baby. Some of the more common medications are:

    • Doxylamine Succinate and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (DICLEGIS)
    • Promethazine (PHENERGAN)
    • Prochlorperazine (COMPAZINE)
    • Metoclopramide (REGLAN)
    • Ondansetron (ZOFRAN)

    Medications During Pregnancy

    Please use the below table to assist you in choosing over-the-counter medications that are safe during pregnancy. Medications outside of this list may be safe, however, please call your provider before taking any medication.

    Follow the directions on the medication labels unless otherwise instructed by your physician.

    Do Not Take:  Advil®, Aleve®, Alka-Selzer®, ibuprofen, Motrin® and Pepto-Bismol® 

    The following are acceptable over-the-counter medications

    Allergies/Itching Benadryl®, chlorpheniramine, Chlor-Trimeton®, Claritin®, Clemastine, Robitussin® CF, Tavist D, Zyrtec®
    Cold/Congestion Benadryl, Tylenol® Cold, Tylenol PM, Tylenol Sinus. Avoid products containing phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine in the first trimester.
    Constipation Increase fluids, warm prune juice or plain, hot water, Colace®, Milk of Magnesia, dried prunes, increase dietary fiber or supplement (Metamucil®, Fibercon, Citracel)
    Cough Cepacol spray, cough drops, pediatric NyQuil®, Robitussin DM, Trind-DM, Vicks® Cough Syrup (consult your physician prior to taking cough syrup)
    Diarrhea Eat bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, or toast. Imodium (not to use longer than 24 hours)
    Fever Tylenol Extra Strength (two every six hours), call if temperature is greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
    Gas Mylicon 80, Phazyme 125
    Heartburn Antacid, Gaviscon®, Maalox®, Mylanta®, Pepcid®, Rolaids®, Tagamet, Tums®, Zantac®
    Headache Tylenol Extra Strength (three times a day), acupuncture, drink plenty of water, ice pack on the neck (helpful for migraine headache), massage, warm towel/heat to neck (helpful for tension headache). If your headache is one-sided or associated with blurred vision, please call our office.
    Hemorrhoids Anusol, hydration, ice pack, Preparation H®, sitz baths, Tucks® Pads, Wet Wipes
    Motion Sickness Benadryl, Bonine®, Dramamine®
    Nasal Congestion Actifed, Benadryl, humidifier, Saline Nasal Spray, Sudafed®
    Nausea Eat small amounts of food several times throughout the day. Sip liquids constantly - it is very important to stay hydrated. If vomiting is continuous, call us immediately. Vitamin B6 (50mg two to three times per day up to 200mg) or ginger (250mg four times per day) may be helpful, as well as Unisom® with doxylamine.
    Side Pain Many women experience side pain during pregnancy, especially while exercising, stretching and lifting. This is usually caused by a growing uterus pulling on ligaments. For relief, rest and take Tylenol. A maternity support belt may also be helpful in relieving side pain.
    Sore Throat Cepacol spray, salt-water gargle and throat lozenges. See your primary care provider if symptoms last more than three days.

    If you have questions regarding these or other medications, or if symptoms persist, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

    *For more information on medications during pregnancy, please visit American Family Physician


    Why We Prefer The BirthPlace at Parker Adventist Hospital

    The BirthPlace at Parker Adventist Hospital  delivers an amazing experience for new moms, families and guests, immersing you in the utmost of safety, comfort and confidence. From large private birthing suites, gourmet room service and a unique family-centered approach to care, The BirthPlace combines advanced medical expertise with comfort and confidence. Their highly skilled team is ready to handle anything-including high-risk pregnancies, multiples and premature babies. The following features make it clear to us you will have a wonderful birthing experience at The BirthPlace:

    • Private and luxurious birthing suites and in-room sleeping accommodations for your spouse or support partner.
    • Flat screen TVs, adjustable lighting and free Wi-Fi in every room.
    • OBIX perinatal fetal monitoring system provides your doctor access to vital fetal and maternal patient information-such as fetal heart rate, contractions and mother's blood pressure in real time directly to your doctor's mobile device.
    • Hugs Infant Security System, 24/7 controlled access to the unit and hallway video surveillance, ensures the safety of your newborn and family.
    • Babies room-in, but have access to the WellBaby nursery when mom needs a break.
    • The BirthPlace is a milk depot for the Mothers' Milk Bank of Denver. Through this partnership, human donor milk is provided to all NICU and healthy term infants requiring breastmilk supplementation.
    • Gourmet room service provided by the Peakview Café.
    • Dedicated surgical suites for cesarean births.
    • 11 bed, Level III NICU with state-of-the-art fetal monitoring and Giraffe® OmniBed incubator technology.
    • 24/7 anesthesia coverage available for all your pain management needs.
    • International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC), available seven days a week to provide breastfeeding support and education.
    • Comprehensive childbirth and parenting classes available through The BirthPlace including: Childbirth Preparation, Daddy Bootcamp, Happiest Baby on the Block and much more!

    Schedule your Birthplace tour and pre-register for your baby's birth at The BirthPlace 

    View The BirthPlace Baby Book

    • Menopause

      At Pinnacle Women's Healthcare we believe in finding the best treatment option or combination of options that makes the most sense for each woman, her individual needs and lifestyle. We will do our best to help guide you through menopause and this next stage of your life.

      Menopause signals the end of the fertile phase of a woman's life. This is a natural event that usually happens between the ages of 45-55. Some very common signs of menopause onset include irregular periods, hot flashes, sleep difficulties, night sweats and irritability.  

      What Causes Menopause and Menopause Symptoms?
      During menopause, a woman's hormone levels change, causing ovaries to stop the release of monthly eggs and produce less estrogen and progesterone. As a result of the changes in hormone levels, women's menstrual periods occur less often and will eventually stop all together.

      Common signs of menopause onset include:

      • Irregular periods     
      • Hot flashes/Night sweats
      • Sleep difficulties (insomnia)
      • Irritability
      • Skin flushing

      Your Pinnacle Women's Healthcare provider is happy to discuss with you your menopausal health and the menopause symptoms you are experiencing.  

      Read more on menopause and menopause symptoms.

      Different Menopause Treatment Options

      For women who experience menopause symptoms-hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping and mood swings, there are several  treatment options available including herbs, acupuncture and hormone replacement therapy. Consult your Pinnacle Women's Healthcare provider for more information on HRT and other prescription medications used to help with menopause symptoms. 

      For women who would prefer to avoid medications, there are several lifestyle changes that can help with your symptoms:

      • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods
      • Dress lightly and in layers
      • Get adequate calcium and vitamin D in food or supplements
      • Get plenty of exercise
      • Perform Kegel exercises daily to strengthen the muscles of your vagina and pelvis
      • Try relaxation techniques such as yoga, tai chi or meditation


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