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Porter Cancer Center
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Porter Cancer Center

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Our Team of Experts

In addition to the expertise of our Porter-based physicians, the multidisciplinary team at the Porter Cancer Care Center is paramount to assuring the best possible cancer care for each and every patient. The following team of experts plays a primary role in the Porter Cancer Care Center standing out amongst other cancer care programs in the region:

Oncology Administration - The Porter Cancer Care Center has professionals working behind the scenes to assure a smooth, well-organized treatment process for every patient.

Clinical Nurse Specialist - Nurse in charge of patient support services including individual and family counseling for patients with cancer of all kinds. The clinical nurse specialist leads several support groups including a children's support group and a head and neck cancer support group and personifies Porter Adventist Hospital's mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ.

Breast Center Manager and Nurse Navigator- This team works closely with doctors, other medical team members and patients to provide coordinated care to our breast cancer patients.

Speech and Swallowing Therapist - Along with other rehabilitation colleagues, the speech and swallowing therapist provides support to many of our patients with head and neck, as well as other upper aero-digestive tract cancers. They provide vital services to patients with communication and swallowing difficulties and are one of the top outpatient speech therapy services in the greater metropolitan area, going to great lengths to improve the quality of life for our patients.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist -   Registered Dietitian Nutritionist - board certified specialists in oncology nutrition (CSO) who work closely with patients and their medical team to provide individualized nutrition plans during any stage of cancer treatment. The dietitians assist patients by managing nutrition concerns related to their specific cancer, treatment, and potential side effects. Once treatment ends, the dietitians can provide further education on long-term diet and lifestyle changes that may help reduce the risk of recurrence.

Physical Therapists - Certified in lymphedema therapy, the physical therapists provide lymphedema therapy to breast cancer patients with upper extremity edema after treatment head and neck cancer patients with swelling in the face and neck and to patients with upper and lower extremity mobility issues.

Clinical Oncology Pharmacist - Responsible for calculating drug dosages based on treatment regimens directed by the physicians. The clinical oncology pharmacist also provides important pain management care for patients suffering with chronic pain.

Certified Oncology Clinical Research Nurse - A fulltime research nurse whoe provides physicians and patients access to the most innovative studies in cancer prevention, early detection and treatment regimens. Physicians, patients, families and staff can access the research nurse for information on current trials that may be available based on their individual case.

Genetic Counselor - A trained genetic counselor who specializes in cancer and genetic risk assessment. The genetic counselor counsels patients at risk for hereditary forms of cancer in order to help them understand their cancer risk and to help them make informed medical decisions based on their own risk assessment. Based on the patients' family history and genetic test results (if applicable), patients and their physicians are provided with the most current cancer surveillance and medical management options available.