Centura Health Pharmacy

Porter Adventist Hospital

Centura Health Pharmacy at Porter Adventist Hospital
2525 S Downing St
1st Floor
Denver, Colorado 80210
  • Mon.-Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Centura Health Pharmacy

Porter Adventist Hospital


The Centura Health Pharmacy at Porter Adventist Hospital is an on-site, retail community pharmacy in Denver that echoes the caring spirit and tradition of Porter Adventist Hospital. We are conveniently located on the First Floor of Porter Adventist Hospital inside the Gift Shop.

We accept all major insurance plans, and patients will have the same co-pays as if they were using their local pharmacy. We accept all forms of payment including cash, checks and credit cards.

Travel Health Clinic

The Travel Health Clinic is a part of Porter's Centura Health Pharmacy, giving us the ability to provide travelers immunizations, travel supplies, as well as travel-related prescription medications. You won't need to worry about making an additional trip to the pharmacy to have your prescriptions filled. Plus, we can also work directly with your insurance to determine your coverage and co-pays.

  • Travel Health Consult

    The Travel Health Clinic in Denver provides travelers a comprehensive pre-travel health consultation with our specially-trained clinical pharmacists. Because the Travel Health Clinic is part of the Apothecare Pharmacy at Porter, you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns about medications with one of our clinical pharmacists. The pharmacist will evaluate your risk for itinerary specific health concerns and can make recommendations for prescription medications and over-the-counter items that best fit your needs. In addition, the pharmacists will do in-depth drug-interaction screens and can also check your prescription formulary coverage to ensure that you get the right medication at the right cost. We also carry a wide variety of travel health related over-the-counter items, including hard to find insect repellents, making us a one-stop location for all of your travel health needs.

    Travel Health Consult Includes:

    • Complete immunization history and evaluation.
    • Administration of needed immunizations, including yellow fever.
    • Accurate and comprehensive evaluation of malaria risk.
    • Prescriptions to prevent malaria, traveler's diarrhea and altitude sickness.
    • Consult with traveler insurance for prescription coverage and copay information.
    • Extensive education on all aspects of staying healthy abroad.
    • Comprehensive destination information including the latest medical outbreaks and
      security alerts.

    To begin the process, simply download, complete and fax back the Travel Health History Form. You can also fill out the Travel Health History Form online. Just make sure you have all of your documents and information ready when you begin the form. Filling out the form online takes anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes.

    Once we receive your Travel Health History Form, we will contact you with travel consult fee information based on your needs. We accept all major prescription insurance plans and patients will have the same co-pays as if they were using their local pharmacy. We accept all forms of payment including cash, checks and credit cards.

  • Additional Services

    At the Travel Health Clinic, our travel health services extend beyond your initial consultation to assure that your health is protected before, during and after your return home.

    The Travel Health Clinic provides the following extra travel health related services:

    • A list of contact phone numbers and addresses of available consulates, embassies, hospitals and physicians specific to your destination.
    • An after-travel medical care instruction sheet with contact information for the clinic's medical director, who is an infectious disease specialist.
    • A follow-up letter to the traveler's primary care physician detailing the education, immunizations and medications provided.