Cancer Center

St. Anthony Hospital

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Cancer Center

St. Anthony Hospital

Cancer Center Accreditation

St. Anthony Cancer Center is accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

Cancer Registry

St. Anthony Cancer Center is committed to keeping a track record of the past, so that we can keep moving toward a cure.
"Virtually every piece of knowledge about the history and incidence of cancer in our country can be traced back to the work of a cancer registrar who carefully and accurately collected patient-level information. Our work is critical to the success of cancer treatment and prevention programs on every level."
- Dianne Cleveland, RHIA, CTR, 2006 President National Cancer Registrars Association

The Cancer Registry operates under the supervision of the Cancer Committee, and is responsible for maintaining the CoC standards for case eligibility, abstracting cases on a timely basis, submitting information to the NCDB, participating in NCDB studies, conducting quality reviews and maintaining a 90% or better follow-up rate for patients diagnosed and/or treated at a St. Anthony facility. In addition, the Registry coordinates St. Anthony Hospitals' cancer conferences, including Tumor Board and Brain Tumor Conference.

The Registry staff identifies new cancer cases from many hospital sources, including pathology, radiation therapy and discharge records. Once the patient is entered into the database, the Registry is required to follow that patient for their lifetime. This data allows physicians and scientists to correlate survival and disease progression with types of diseases, stages and treatments given.

Our data today, could change a life tomorrow

Mindful that our data becomes part of the picture of cancer and outcomes in our region, state and nation, the Registry is very focused on accuracy. The Registry staff works with the State of Colorado, submitting and updating case data on a monthly basis. The data collected is the basis for financial allocation of research and medical care dollars, as well as being used by physicians and scientists to evaluate treatments used in different types of cancers. The Registry maintains the confidentiality of Private Health Information (PHI) and does not release personal patient information in any cancer data statistics. To promote accuracy, the Registry runs reports to assure compliance with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, National Cancer Data Base and the American College of Surgeons.