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St. Anthony North Health Foundation

St. Anthony North Health Campus

Ways to Give

When you make a gift to the foundation, you make programs and services around the hospital sustainable and in many instances realize significant tax advantages.

The St. Anthony North Health Foundation is a 501 (C)(3) Charitable organization. Please consult your tax and legal counsel for advice on the giving method best suited to you. Among the many giving options are:

Gifts Outright 
When you make an outright gift, your contribution can be put to work immediately.  Outright gifts include gifts of cash, checks, credit cards, securities, or other property and may comprise of almost any asset of value.  These gifts provide funding for current programming and create a reliable source of future income by expanding the endowment.

Gift Pledge 
St. Anthony North welcomes your gift through a pledge - a formal statement of intention to make a gift to the school.  With a pledge you may complete your gift by making regular payments over time, allowing you to give more generously than you originally may have considered.  What is more, each payment on your pledge is eligible for an income-tax charitable deduction.

Gifts of Stock Transfer 
Long-term appreciated stocks and securities are almost always excellent way to provide financial support.  They can be used to support the annual campaign or in establishing planned giving arrangements and provide a double benefit to you- a current income tax deduction and avoidance of capital gains taxes. 

Gifts of Real Estate 
Gifts of Real Estate usually allow the avoidance of capital gains and provide a charitable deduction.  Lifetime occupancy of a donated residency may be retained.

Retained Life Estate 
A gift of personal residence or form with a retained life estate enable you to continue to use your property for your lifetime and provide for a future gift to St. Anthony North. 

Life insurance Planned Gift 
By making St. Anthony north the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy, you make good use of your resources and expand your ability to make a significant gift.  Designating St. Anthony north as a beneficiary is the easiest method of giving a planned gift.

Retirement Planned Gift 
By Designating St. Anthony North as recipient of any benefits remaining in your retirement plan, you may effectively reduce the taxes on those assets.

Charitable Remainder Trust 
A Charitable Remainder Trust is an agreement between you and a trustee that can provide fixed or variable income to meet your specific financial needs, at the termination of which the remaining assets are passed to St. Anthony North.

Charitable Lead trust 
A Charitable Lead Trust is an agreement between you and trustee that provides income to St. Anthony North for a period of years, at the end of which the trust property typically passes to an heir.

Matching Gift Programs 
Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees.