Behavioral Health

St. Catherine Hospital

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Behavioral Health

St. Catherine Hospital

Behavioral Health Services

St. Catherine Hospital, in a partnership with Horizon Health, manages the 10 bed Behavioral Health Department located at the Hospital. Horizon Health serves, as well as oversee admissions and discharges of inpatient services at St. Catherine. Providing excellent staff and services for short-term hospitalization.

Patient Referral - Admission to the Behavioral Health Services Department can be initiated anytime, day or night by calling.


  • Toll-free: 888-775-5733
  • 620-272-2500 

The St. Catherine Hospital Emergency Department; the entrance is located at 401 E. Spruce.

  • Admission Criteria for Behavioral Health Services

    • Danger to self/others due to mental illness
    • Acute crisis not manageable through outpatient treatment
    • Medication adjustment
    • Incapacitation or inability to function in daily life not manageable through outpatient treatment
    • Voluntary and court ordered
    • Admissions age 12 years and older
  • Adult & Adolescent Behavioral Health Services

    Adult Behavioral Health Services

    • Individualized treatment plan
    • Daily programming
    • Spouse/partner support & meetings
    • Family meetings

    Adolescent Behavioral Health Services

    • Individualized treatment plan
    • Daily programming
    • Family meetings
    • Education pertinent to adolescent issues: Eating disorders, peer relational problems/pressures, family conflict
    • Individualized behavior modification program (as needed)
  • Behavioral Health Programming

    1. Daily individual sessions with psychiatric medical staff (7 days a week)
    2. Daily individual therapy (Monday-Friday)
    3. Various Group Therapy sessions throughout the day:
      Goals and Medication Education
      Social Skills/Psychoeducational Group
      Occupational Therapy
      Chemical Dependency
    4. Psychotherapy
    5. Family Therapy sessions
    6. Psychological Evaluations/Testing (as needed)
    7. Nutritional Consult with a Registered Dietician (as needed)
    8. Referral for appropriate follow-up services
  • Our Team

    Our team of professionals consists of:

    • Board Certified Psychiatrist and Medical Director
    • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses
    • Masters Level Counselors and Social Workers
    • Case Manager
    • Certified Addiction Counselors (Level I, II and III)
    • Occupational Therapists
  • Referral Sources

    Effective communication between inpatient and outpatient mental health providers and referral services is an essential element to treatment of the patient. This joint effort is designed to help improve the psychological health of patients, as well as each patient's ability to cope.

    • Primary Care Providers 
    • Psychiatrists or Psychiatric Nurses
    • Social Service Agencies
    • Law Enforcement Officials
    • Local Mental Health Centers
    • Clergy, Chaplains
    • Self and/or family referral through local Emergency Departments