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St. Catherine Hospital strongly believes mammograms are the key to fighting breast cancer. A screening mammogram is the single most effective method for early detection since it can identity breast cancer several years before a lump can be felt or before other symptoms are present.

St. Catherine Hospital offers the latest in breast cancer screening with digital mammography, which produces a clearer image to help detect early signs of breast cancer. St. Catherine Hospital offers state-of-the-art digital mammography for your annual mammogram as well as diagnostic mammograms. Our technology provides you with less radiation exposure, shorter exam times, and clearer images.

You can receive your accurate and comprehensive results in a matter of days.

  • Digital Mammography

    What is digital mammography?

    Full-field digital mammography provides a digital picture much like your digital camera at home and allows the image to be seen within seconds, decreasing your wait time during the appointment.

    Why choose digital mammography?

    There are a variety of reasons to choose digital mammography:

    • Digital pictures have greater picture clarity at the chest wall and the nipple line which is the second most common area to develop breast cancer
    • Digital mammograms are compatible with the R2 computer second-read ability
    • The technologist does not have to leave the room to develop the film, eliminating wait time
    • The picture is reviewed on a high-resolution monitor
    • The radiologist can enhance the picture by adjusting the brightness, contrast and zooming in on specific areas of interest
    • Digital mammograms give a clearer picture; there are less women called back for additional pictures.


    How do I prepare for my mammogram?


    • Schedule your mammogram appointment for two weeks after your period. This ensures a more comfortable exam as your breasts are less tender after your period
    • Wear a shirt with shorts, pants, or a skirt. That way, you can undress from the waist up and leave your shorts, pants, or skirt on when you get your mammogram
    • Don't wear any deodorant, perfume, lotion or powder under your arms or on your breasts on the day of your mammogram appointment. These things can make shadows show up on your mammogram

    *Note that Mammo is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR)