Programs We Support

Longmont United Hospital's programs and services reach beyond the hospital's walls into our community, bringing education, comfort, healing and life-saving care to people in need. Donors to Longmont United Hospital Foundation make it possible for Longmont United Hospital to continue its mission of caring for those who are ill and nurturing the health of the people in our communities. With your generosity, Longmont United Hospital Foundation is able to support the following programs that impact the lives of those in our community.

  • Innovative Learning Center

    Innovative Learning Center

    State of the Art Training Provides State of the Art Care

    Our current Focus on Giving is to create and advance learning in the new Innovative Learning Center at Longmont United Hospital Foundation. The center allows for associates to be better trained, prepared and practiced in everything from birthing situations to radiology technology to basic nursing skills and more. The Innovative Learning Center will also be used for local high school students and EMS and EMT teams.

    The Innovative Learning Center at LUH allows for associates to be better trained, prepared and practiced in everything from birthing situations to radiology to basic nursing skills and more. Top of the line Care begins with Top of the line Training. Join us and meet the SimFamily - Longmont United Hospital state of the art high fidelity patient simulators.

  • Healthcare Career Scholarships

    Since the late 1980s, the Longmont United Hospital Foundation has offered merit-based scholarships to encourage the ongoing education of individuals pursuing further education in healthcare. To date, nearly $1.5 million in awards have supported this commitment by the Foundation and gracious gifts from our community partners. Scholarships are granted in April and September each year.

    For more information and scholarship applications contact us at 303-485-4190.

  • Community Outreach

    Project Homecoming

    Project Homecoming is a special partnership project with Longmont Meals on Wheels for patients being released from Longmont United Hospital to their home. Five meals, delivered to your home for five week days at noontime following release from Longmont United Hospital. Free...No Strings Attached!

    To Contact Longmont Meals on Wheels call 303-772-0540.

  • Additional Programs We Support

    • Birthplace
    • Cardio Vascular
    • Care Coordination 
    • Chapel Fund
    • Diagnostic Imaging
    • Education for Associates 
    • Emergency Department 
    • Hope Care Center
    • Employee Assistance
    • ICU/Dialysis
    • Foundation Scholarships
    • Nutrition Services
    • Oncology
    • Orthopedics
    • Pediatrics
    • Pharmacy
    • Planetree
    • Project Homecoming

    Not-for-profit, Charitable Organization, 501(c) (3)
    The Foundation is a 501(c) (3), not-for-profit, charitable organization, established in 1981 exclusively for the benefit of the Longmont United Hospital. The control and management of the Foundation is vested in a Board of Trustees. The Foundation’s Trustees are dedicated community leaders who share a common interest in ensuring quality healthcare programs and services in Longmont and surrounding communities through philanthropic support. Each Trustee volunteers their time, resources, and vision which has been responsible for the Foundation’s financial stability and continued growth and success.