Donate to the Mercy Hospital Foundation

Your gift helps further our mission and makes a difference for patients at Mercy Hospital Foundation. However you choose to help, your gift is greatly appreciated.

Donate to the Mercy Hospital Foundation

Your gift helps further our mission and makes a difference for patients at Mercy Hospital Foundation. However you choose to help, your gift is greatly appreciated.

Mercy Hospital associates

Mercy Hospital Foundation

Leave a lasting legacy or provide a charitable gift

The Mercy Hospital Foundation provides the ability to build permanent funds for health care needs in our community far into the future. Our community and surrounding area has stepped forward through generous donations that have profoundly touched lives. Vibrant and momentous partnerships have evolved.

Should you be looking for a way to make a significant gift to help further our mission, remember Mercy Hospital Foundation in your estate plans or making a life-income gift offers income and tax benefits to you and make a difference for patients at Mercy Hospital. 

If you have questions about donations, please contact us at 970-764-2800.

Associate Campaign

Associate Campaign

At Mercy Regional Hospital you’re more than an associate. You are part of the impact we make in our community. You live out our Mission every day. We appreciate your dedication and the difference you make for Mercy Hospital - our hospital, urgent care, physician clinics. We’d like to invite you to make an even bigger impact. Your gift will directly support patients and fellow associates at Mercy Hospital, or global communities through the Global Health Initiatives fund.

Actions of the Heart, the Mercy employee giving campaign has provided valuable support to the following programs:

  • The Emergency Financial Assistance Loans and Grants for Employees. Assists fellow employees in need of emergency financial assistance during financial difficulties resulting from a personal crisis or major life event.   
  • Global Health Initiatives - Mercy’s Tanzania Mission. Your generous gift to Global Health Initiatives can be used to support scholarships for girls, small loans for women, capacity building, and medical supplies for their local hospital for the Mercy to Mbulu, Tanzania mission.
  • Mercy’s Heart and Vascular Project. Your generous gift will allow Mercy to provide the latest and most advanced cardiac diagnostics and treatments available to patients in our community.
  • United Way Campaign. Supporting United Way of Southwest Colorado for local community needs.
Other helpful information

Other helpful information

  • Cash
  • Income tax deductions and credits for full amount of gift.
  • Appreciated Stock
  • Tax deductions; avoid capital tax gains
  • Bequest of Cash (Name MHF in will or trust)
  • Retain full use of assets during lifetime. Flexibility to change bequest. Estate tax savings.
  • Bequest of IRA or other Retirement Plan
  • Retain full access/use of assets during lifetime; flexibility; estate tax savings; income tax savings.
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Create income tax deduction for gift value and insurance premiums; leverage of small annual premiums or one-time cash outlay.
  • Create a Gift Annuity
  • Receive high lifetime income (partially tax-free); capital gain tax savings on appreciated assets; estate tax savings.
  • Personal Residence
  • Retain use of property for life; receive partial income tax deduction; estate tax savings.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Receive lifetime income; receive immediate income tax deduction; avoid capital gains tax on sale of appreciated assets; flexible payout structure; flexibility to change beneficiary; estate tax savings; create a perpetual memorial in your name.
  • Pledges
  • Enabling donors to give a larger gift over time.
  • Endowments
  • An endowment is a self-renewing resource, allowing a donor’s charitable intent to be fulfilled for generations to come. The gift is preserved for all time by holding it in perpetuity, investing the principal and using only the income from that investment (interest) for the purpose specified by the donor for Mercy Hospital.
  • Beneficiary - One who inherits a share or part of a decedent’s estate. Bequest - A gift of personal property by will. It is synonymous with “legacy.”
  • Bond - A certificate of debt issued by a government to raise money.
  • Codicil - A document which serves as a written supplement to an existing will. It may explain, modify, add to, subtract from, qualify, alter, or revoke provisions in the will.
  • Decedent - The deceased person whose estate is being administrated.
  • Decree - An official order of the probate court.
  • Estate - Everything you own; all your assets, whether real property or personal property, and any liabilities.
  • Estate Tax - Tax levied on the transfer of property as the result of death.
  • Executor - The fiduciary nominated by an individual in his/her will to administer the estate, except insofar as if it is to be held in trust according to law.
  • Intestacy - Dying without a legal will.
  • Probate Court - The court which administers justice in all matters relating to decedent’s estate, etc.
  • Testament - A will.
  • Testate - Deceased, leaving a valid will.
  • Testator - The maker of a will.
  • Trustee - The fiduciary nominated by the testator or settler or appointed by the court to administer the trust properly.
Enterprise Zone tax credit

The Colorado Enterprise Zone tax credit reduces the amount of state income tax you pay, in addition to federal and state charitable deductions you may receive for gifts to charity. You can nearly double the size of your gift and the impact of your generosity without increasing the net cost to you.

Mercy Hospital is one of several Enterprise Zones designated by the State of Colorado to encourage economic growth.

Colorado residents who make qualifying gifts to the Mercy Hospital Foundation are eligible for a generous tax credit of up to 25% to use against their state income tax if giving an outright gift of cash, or 12.5% for gifts of appreciated assets, such as stocks and securities.

  • Mercy Hospital Foundation can accept up to $3 million annually in qualifying gifts. If the Foundation receives more than $3 million in qualifying gifts in a single year, the available tax credit will be granted to donors in the order in which those gifts were received.
  • The availability of the Enterprise Zone tax credit is subject to change at any time. There is no guarantee the tax credit will continue to be available in future years.
  • The amount of credit taken in one year cannot exceed the donor’s state tax liability. However, excess credit may be carried forward for up to five years.
  • The maximum credit a donor can claim per tax year is $100,000.

A qualifying gift is a monetary gift in the amount of at least $250 to Mercy Hospital Foundation specifically designated to the following areas at Mercy Hospital:

  • Heart and Vascular Program
  • Equipment
  • Flight for Life
  • Journey of Hope
  • Behavioral Health
  • Mercy Project Patient Assistance
  • Gray Matters Helmet Program
  • Emergency Preparedness Fund

Please note, Hospice no longer applies for the Enterprise Zone credit.