9Health Fair Comes to Summit County

(FRISCO, COLO.) - Were just around the corner from your opportunity to get affordable and convenient health screenings, as the 9 Health Fair in partnership with St. Anthony Summit Medical Center and Summit County Rotary host a special day to empower you to take care of your health. The Summit County 9 Health Fair will take place Saturday, April 23, 2016 from 7 am to 12 pm at the Summit County high School.

This year, the 9 Health Fair expands their focus from screenings to providing you with the resources to live a healthy, well balanced life. The Wellness Zone hosts over 20 local businesses with experts and education to help people create and maintain health habits. Whether you are looking to take charge of your diet or new ways to stay active, plan a little extra time and explore the Wellness Zone.

We live in a busy world, and oftentimes, our health gets put on the backburner. This event provides people practical advice from our local experts, so you can learn small yet effective lifestyle changes, explains Curtis Wray, Site Coordinator of the Frisco 9Health Fair. 9Health lets Coloradans build a healthy foundation so they can be ready for anything life hands them!

Last year, an important change was made to 9Health Fair requirements. Based on the most current research findings, the 9Health Fair Medical Advisory Committee has determined that fasting is not required (optional) for blood screenings. To best prepare for a blood draw, drink plenty of water and continue to take prescription medications. People with diabetes should not fast. Check with your medical provider for specific recommendations.
At 9Health Fair, you are in control of your health, and you can decide which health screenings are right for you including:

  • Blood Chemistry Screening ($35) - Provides baseline information on blood glucose, cholesterol, liver, kidneys, thyroid, and more.
  • Blood Cell Count screening ($20) - Your body's ability to fight infection, anemia, liver disease and certain cancers can be discovered with this screening, which gives you a general picture of your overall health.
  • Hemoglobin A1C screening ($20) - Measures your average blood sugar control for the past 2 to 3 months. Screens for diabetes/pre-diabetes.
  • Colon Cancer Screening Kit ($25) - This take-home/mail-in kit checks for human blood in the stool, which may indicate colorectal conditions such as polyps, hemorrhoids, or cancer.
  • Vitamin D screening ($45) - Provides baseline Vitamin D levels, which helps you maintain proper bone health and understand your risk for immune diseases, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.
  • Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) ($30) - Measures a protein produced by the male prostate gland and is not recommended for anyone unless you have a family history of prostate cancer or are monitoring your PSA, per your physician recommendations.

Summit County 9 Health Fair also offers a variety of free screenings such as Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Vision, and Dental, Hearing, Foot, Skin and more. Register online at www.9HealthFair.org, or stop by, walk-ins are always welcome.

About 9Health Fair
9Health Fair advances health awareness, providing people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health. 9Health Fair makes available life-saving, professional health screenings and education programs in over 130 sites in communities throughout Colorado and beyond (Nebraska, Wyoming, and Kansas). Started in 1970 by the National Institutes of Health and 9NEWS, 9Health Fair became an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1987 and has impacted 2 million lives in its 36-year history. 9Health Fair is Colorados largest non-profit, volunteer-driven health fair program and holds unique endorsements from the Colorado Medical Society, the Colorado Nurses Association and the Colorado Hospital Association. Major sponsors for 9Health Fair include 9NEWS, Quest Diagnostics, Comcast and King Soopers. Special thanks to The Colorado National Guard for its continued 9Health Fair support through delivering supplies to volunteers and sites around the state.

For more 9Health Fair information, please visit www.9HealthFair.org or call 1-800-332-3078.

About St. Anthony Summit Medical Center

St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, part of Centura Health Network, has provided health care services to Summit County residents for over 30 years. The facility was established in 1978 to serve the high country and the surrounding area as a 24-hour emergency facility. St. Anthony Summit Medical Center is a full-service hospital with a Level III trauma designation, 24-hour emergency department, 35 medical beds, surgical services, intensive care unit, orthopedics, cardiovascular services, nuclear medicine, digital mammography, breast care services, ear, nose and throat (ENT), gastroenterology, Sleep Disorders Center and eight labor & delivery suites. The State-of-the-art Birth Place at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center eliminates the need for families to travel outside the county for delivery and care of their babies.