Centura-Avista Adventist Hospital Damage Assessment

December 31, 2021

Leaders with Centura Health and Avista Adventist Hospital conducted a thorough assessment of the campus today, which will remain ongoing, and, remarkably, the hospital did not sustain direct fire damage. However, the team determined there is extensive smoke damage that will keep the hospital closed for the foreseeable future.

“The high winds were driving the fire straight toward our hospital on the north side, so to return hours later and find no significant damage is truly a miracle,” said Isaac Sendros, chief executive officer for Avista Adventist Hospital. “We are eternally grateful and thankful to the first responders who responded with urgency and have tirelessly worked since the fire first erupted in our community. Avista will be a light in the darkness as we support our friends, neighbors, and community in this recovery. 

Flames came within four feet of the highly flammable oxygen tanks located on the west side of the building, but staff fought back the flames with hoses, avoiding what could have been a catastrophic explosion. The hospital is without natural gas and is currently relying on diesel power generators to maintain the boiler and heat systems. 

Professional cleaning crews are at Avista now to assess the smoke damage, as well as to determine next steps to conduct a terminal clean and sanitize the hospital. In addition, hospital teams are evaluating the air quality inside the facility, replacing filters, restoring air pressure, and evaluating the viability of the surgical supplies.

The Colorado National Guard will support our security team in securing the facility. There is currently no media access. As a result, Centura Health is providing the following videos and photos taken throughout the hospital this morning.

Video Links:

Avista Panoramic
A panoramic view of the burn scar to the west of Avista Adventist Hospital.
view of burn
View of the burn scar from the hospital room, showing a nearby golf course.
Avista oxygent
The flames reached within four feet of a highly flammable oxygen tank, seen on the left. Hospital staff fought back the flames using hoses. The oxygen system must be inspected and certified by the state before it can be used again.
Avista phone ash
Soot covers the window, desk, and phone inside a med-surg room at Avista Adventist Hospital. The patients in these rooms were moved to the center/southside of the hospital before being evacuated.
Med surg windows
Close up of a window in the med-surg area, which took the brunt of the winds and smoke damage.


patient rooms
Emergency crews, including the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, checked each room for patients and staff, marking the handle with blue tape once it was cleared.
ambulance doors
Soot covers the floor of the ambulance bay leading to the Emergency Department.
nursing station
The view inside the nursing station inside the Avista ED. Thick soot covers the floor and counters.


electrical room
Fans cool the electrical room. The building will be running off of diesel fuel for the time being.


air filters
Three levels of air filters are pulled from the air intake system. The green filters are the first line of defense, followed by the white filters and then the boxed HEPA filters.


air filter
Soot covers a white air filter.
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