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Not running a marathon next week but still looking for a starting line? The Movementum app is designed to draw out the competitive spirit in all Coloradans.

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Not running a marathon next week but still looking for a starting line? The Movementum app is designed to draw out the competitive spirit in all Coloradans.

ENGLEWOOD, CO - (May 1, 2013) - In a state that has more than its fair share of athletes, Centura Health, the regions health care leader, identified a gap in the app revolution" that has overlooked those who might not be training for a marathon or obsessed with setting a new alpine biking record. In recognition of the rest of us," Centura Health has launched a fun new app that encourages an active lifestyle by allowing everyone -even recovering couch potatoes- to compete for better health.

The Movementum app, named for a combination of its dual goals of tracking movement and driving momentum, rewards users with points and achievement badges by tracking their daily movements in the background of their Smartphone. Once the tracking has begun, daily and on-going totals are provided along with tips and contextual data that relates the amount of movement to real life goals (like a famous Colorado hike) or challenges (like burning the same amount of calories as a cheeseburger). Users can compete weekly with themselves, co-workers, spouses and friends to increase their moves and achieve personal bests.

The app also rewards users for moving. By simply downloading and registering the Centura Health Movementum app with an email address, users will be entered for a chance to win the prize of their choice. Users who move more than 10,000 times in one month, will have an additional chance to win one of the following:

  • Schwinn cruiser bike and helmet valued at $250
  • $250 Visa gift card
  • In-home exercise video game system and games valued at $250
  • Yoga classes package with yoga mat and accessories (yoga mat wash and yoga mat sling) valued at $250

Please click here for all rules and details of the prize giveaway.

The app is designed to be a fun and competitive way to make users aware of their movement by helping them visualize the collective power of individual change one move at a time," said Gary Campbell, President and CEO of Centura Health. Movementum is a great, social way to get people talking about health, about movement and about the healthy competitive spirit that lives in all of us. Its also a great articulation of Centura Healths goal to move beyond the walls of our hospitals to support and nurture the communities we serve."

Whether a person is into triathlons or movie marathons, Movementum will count the number of moves he or she makes in a day. A move" is defined by a collective transport of ones body mass roughly 30 inches. The app then collects and quantifies all of those movements on a users Smartphonethe one device that moves with them wherever they go. Movements can be loosely translated to mileage, calories burned and personal bests. As long as the phone is turned on and with the user, and the app has been launched, Movementum will automatically track every move - without burning through the phones battery life. (Movementum works in the background and doesn't connect to GPS, so the battery impact is minimal.)

Competition, badges, personalized emails and prizes are included in the program to help motivate users to stay aware of and increase their daily moves" and it shares how theyre ranked among app users statewide. It even allows for individualized competition as people are able to challenge their friends or themselves by beating their daily average.

However, nothing describes this great new app as well as using the app itself. It is currently available for free download in the iTunes store and Google Play. The app is designed to work on all iPhones with iOS5 or later, and all Android phones with Android 2.2 or later.

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