Centura Health Introduces Facial Recognition Tech for Cancer Treatment

(PARKER, COLO.) June 6, 2019 – Parker Adventist Hospital, in cooperation with Vision RT, is the first and only hospital in the nation to offer SafeRT-ID facial recognition technology to match prescription oncology care with a specific patient. Parker Adventist, which is part of the Centura Health system, the region’s health care leader, and Vision RT, a manufacturer of surface guided radiation therapy and SafeRT-ID, introduced the new technology in March and have been impressed with the product’s efficacy and capability. The FDA approved SafeRT-ID for commercial use earlier this week.

SafeRT-ID uses optical imaging to verify a patient’s identity and patient specific accessories prior to each treatment. It works in conjunction with Vision RT’s existing radiation oncology equipment that uses precision guidance technology to monitor movement with sub-millimeter accuracy.

“Incorporating cutting-edge technology into our hospitals is just one of the ways Centura Health is ensuring we provide industry-leading patient care,” said Mike Goebel, the CEO at Parker Adventist Hospital. “We have incredibly skilled medical technicians in our oncology department but removing the chance for human error with SafeRT-ID technology gives patients even more peace of mind to know they are receiving the exact and most effective radiotherapy to help them fight and defeat cancer.”

Additionally, SafeRT-ID:

  • provides an entirely non-contact interface, which helps patients with compromised immune systems have less exposure to frequently used equipment; and
  • uses a QR tracking system to ensure the specialized accessories that are needed for each patient are accurately assigned at each treatment session.

While other hospital systems currently use Vision RT’s radiotherapy technology, Centura Health is the first to partner with the manufacturer to implement SafeRT-ID and plans to expand the technology to other facilities throughout its system.


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