New program goes beyond a pledge and calls on Coloradans to examine their behaviors and affect change with family and friends to create safe driving habits

The program is supported by the Centura Health Trauma System, which consists of an Injury Prevention Committee that oversees more than 75 programs annually, reaching more Coloradans in more communities across the state with education and prevention efforts for all age groups than any other provider.


The BetterMe BluePrint Distracted Driving Challenge was created to help Coloradoans recognize when driving distractions are happening and provide information to affect real change by helping people minimize distractions and save lives. The online program also enables people to share the message with family and friends in order to create a conversation for people of all ages, and cultivate the development of safe driving habits.

Starting today, people who register for The BetterMe Blueprint Distracted Driving Challenge on the Web landing page or Facebook tab, will receive weekly emails over four weeks that enables them (and whomever in their network they choose) to track their progress. The program goes beyond a message, and instead creates a personal connection for people to make safer decisions, advocating that those closest to them are more focused behind the wheel.

A weekly participant will be chosen randomly to win a $50 gift card, and one person who completes all four weeks of the program will be selected to win a $1,000 gas card.

More information can be found on the BetterMe BluePrint Distracted Driving Web landing page or the Centura Health Facebook Page.


We believe prevention is the best trauma care of all," said Margaret Sabin, Centura Health Trauma System chair and president and CEO, Penrose-St. Francis Health Services. Our trauma system, and the partnerships and programs we offer the community, continue to support our goal of preventing injuries before they happen. The distracted driving challenge goes beyond asking people to give their word, and is actually designed to make people personally accountable for their decisions. "

The BetterMe Blueprint Distracted Driving Challenge is another way were reaching Coloradans to provide health information in a personal way," said Wendi Dammann, director of external affairs, Centura Health. The BetterMe Blueprint is essentially a tool that Coloradans can use for free - and share with their family and friends - in order to prevent risky behaviors that could lead to health issues. It empowers people to identify what health issues are important to them, seek out the information and make changes to lead a healthy life."


The Centura Health BetterMe Blueprint is a new online and social media program that launched in September 2011 to connect with Coloradoans to help them manage their health in ways that transcend the walls of Centura Healths hospitals.

It is rooted in a robust online and social media presence that encourages two-way dialogue with Coloradans, with health and wellness information that is available based on their values and what is most important to them.

The program kicks off with the distracted driving challenge in September 2011 and will then segue into other activities, including fitness, community wellness and other topics related to cardiovascular health, stroke, and oncology.


The Centura Health Trauma System features a comprehensive network that connects its regional facilities, as well as provides medical direction and support to 130 pre-hospital agencies, including fire, ambulance, ski patrols, rescue groups and communication centers across Colorado.

The Centura Health Trauma System encompasses 17 Centura Health facilities - including 14 trauma centers, Flight For Life Colorado, the states largest EMS support system and essential partnerships - and complements the states existing trauma system, to expedite access to life-saving treatment for trauma patients in more communities throughout Colorado than any other health care organization.

  • The creation of the Centura Health trauma registry, which now consists of more than 45,000 patients, continues to serve as the foundation for tracking patient outcomes and developing clinical best practice protocols.
  • All 14 Centura Health trauma centers achieved trauma center designation from the Colorado Department of Health with no criteria deficiencies.
  • Centura Healths Level I and Level II trauma centers received verification from the American College of Surgeons with no criteria deficiencies.
  • The Centura Health Trauma System partnered with the Outreach Health Council to provide education and trauma service support to more than 15 non-Centura Health hospitals.
  • The Centura Health Trauma System established an Injury Prevention Committee that oversees more than 75 programs annually, providing Coloradans with education and prevention efforts for all age groups.


According to the National Highway Transportation Agency, 20 percent of injury crashes in 2009 involved reports of distracted driving.

The United States Department of Transportation defines distracted driving as anything that involves:taking your eyes off the road, taking your hands off the wheel, or taking your mind off what you're doing.

Distracted driving is:

- Using a cell phone

- Eating and drinking

- Talking to passengers

- Grooming

- Reading, including maps

- Using a PDA or navigation system

- Watching a video

- Changing the radio station, CD, or Mp3 player.

- Source:US Department of Transportation


Interviews are available upon request with:Wendi Dammann, director of external affairs, Centura Health.

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