Centura Proud with the Opening of Convenient Care Clinic

(ULYSSES, KAS.) Bob Wilson Memorial Grant County Hospital is proud to announce the opening of the Convenient Care Clinic. Administration shared that it has been an exciting time leading up to the opening. The Convenient Care Clinic is located at the already existing Ulysses Family Physicians Clinic on the north side of the hospital with hours from 5 pm-8 pm Monday thru Friday. The clinic was implemented by Centura as a strategic way to provide improved access to high quality, comprehensive medical care to the community of Ulysses.

Since the long awaited merger took place in February of this year, Centura and the executive team at Bob Wilson Memorial Grant County Hospital have worked diligently on identifying the needs of the community as well as the future trends in medical care. One of the first items identified was the lack of medical care availability after hours with the exception of the emergency department. Many people work past 5 pm or are unable to leave work to be evaluated by a medical provider. Sometimes, children go to school and have a minor injury or develop a symptom and it is only after school that the parent is aware of the situation. With the opening of the Convenient Care Clinic, Centura is able to offer to the community an opportunity not previously available.

Staffed with a mid-level provider, patients can be assured of rapid, efficient medical evaluation and treatment for common/non-emergent medical conditions. The clinic is intended to care for minor ailments that may not warrant an emergency room evaluation with an increased cost/copay. If a person presents to the clinic and is more critically ill or complex than expected, the patient will promptly be escorted to the emergency department for more comprehensive care. A person may feel their ailment does not warrant an after hour ER visit and previously may have chosen to wait to see their regular primary care provider the following day. Now, they may choose to use the Convenient Care Clinic for evaluation and potentially obtain a diagnosis of an illness sooner, thus reducing the chance of the problem worsening.

As utilization of the Convenient Care Clinic increases, weekend hours may be considered in the future, especially with cold and flu season right around the corner. "Convenient Care is designed to work with an increasingly busy schedule, so when patients have a need that's not emergent in nature, they have an outlet like Convenient Care to go to," said Bob Wilson Administrator, Deanna Mustin. "By partnering with Centura Health, we are able to expand services and look for opportunities to grow," Mustin continued.