Dorcy Cancer Center Introduces Support Program for Children

(Pueblo, CO) The Dorcy Cancer Center introduces a new program for cancer patients and their families. Childrens Lives Include Moments of Bravery (CLIMB) is a special support program developed by The Childrens Treehouse Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the emotional support of children, ages 6 - 11 years, who have parents with cancer.

The free, six week class begins Monday, March 10, 2014 and will continue for six consecutive Monday evenings. It begins at 5:30 p.m. each week in the Dorcy Cancer Center. Children receive their own workbook to chart their progress, which they can share with their family at home. Each class begins with a meal shared with parents and children. Adults will then attend a separate group sessions formatted for them while the children participate in CLIMB.

CLIMB is an enjoyable, sharing, interactive session for children of parents with cancer to come together to deal with their feelings. Children are powerfully shaped by their external environment. CLIMB engages children in art therapy and play therapy as tools to enable them to express their feelings. They will learn basic information about cancer, but more important, that they are not alone: other kids are dealing with the same emotional upheaval.

This program is important to children because children can bond very quickly with other children going through a similar experience. They learn being sad, frightened and even angry is part of this family trial. The sessions will help children moderate their feelings without having to stuff them or feel overwhelmed by them.

Children who participate in the CLIMB program benefit from:
An increase in the childrens knowledge about cancer and its treatment.
Normalization of feelings of sadness.
Being better able to identify strengths and normalize anxiety.
Children are better equipped to express and manage anger appropriately.
Improved communications regarding feelings.
Better communication with the parent who has cancer.

CLIMB is the latest support program offered by the HOPES program at the Dorcy Cancer Center. HOPES is an acronym for Helping Oncology Patients Through Education and Support. For more information on CLIMB, or to register, call (719) 557-4548.

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