The Eating Season: 10 Tips to Help You Stick with It during the Holidays

Attitude and commitment are so important to eating healthy any time of year," according to Brittany Glassett, registered dietitian at Porter Adventist Hospital. There is no need to deny yourself all treats this time of year, but if you are mindful of what you are eating and practicing moderation, then you can be successful in your weight management goals - and know that you are sticking with your healthy habits."

Glassett provides the following list of 10 tips for healthy eating during the holidays:
1No skipping meals. The old adage rings true -always eat breakfast. Eat small, frequent meals and healthy snacks during the day to help avoid overeating at holiday parties.
2If you overindulge at one meal, dont stress about it - just get back on track with your next meal.
3Dont drink your calories! Monitor alcohol and soda consumption. Both are high in calories (especially the eggnog). Try alternating water with alcoholic beverages.
4Substitute - yogurt for cream, sour cream and mayonnaise, and substitute herbs and spices for salt and fats. You can also add strained applesauce instead of butter or cooking oil when baking.
5Eat smaller portions or use a smaller plate. Share a piece of pie and dont go back for seconds.
6Pace, dont race. Eat your food slowly. If you eat too fast your stomach wont have time to register that it is full. Savor each bite.
7Skip the appetizers - or bring your own healthy appetizer to a gathering. Nibble on raw vegetables, low fat dips and salsa.
8Dont loiter in the same room as the food. Focus your attention on the company, rather than the buffet or the bar.
9Trim back the trimmings. Dressings and side dishes are typically high in calories. Eat turkey without the skin, make gravy with little or no fat and use lighter dressings.
10And finally, make sure you get regular exercise throughout the holidays. It helps you maintain your weight and decreases your stress. Get the family together for a walk after dinner or get to the gym in the mornings before the holiday activities begin. Better yet, sign up to run (or walk) a Turkey Trot or other event.

Finally, dont deny yourself, Glassett says. Have a tiny taste of those things you really enjoy, but the key word is taste.

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