Littleton Adventist Hospital Second in State to Offer Nitrous Oxide for Laboring Moms

(LITTLETON, COLO.) Littleton Adventist Hospital is proud to announce it now provides nitrous oxide as an alternate pain management option for women in labor, only the second hospital in Colorado to do so.

Nitrous oxide was first used to decrease pain during labor in the 1930s. Under the close supervision of a midwife or physician, nitrous is self-administered. The patient holds her mask and begins an inhalation of the gas at the beginning of a contraction. Unlike the more commonly used epidural, which is given through a large needle in the lower back, nitrous is painless and has minimal side effects. The most common side effect is nausea after prolonged use. There are no known effects on the baby, as nitrous is cleared from the body through the lungs. Once inhalation is stopped, nitrous is out of the body within one or two breaths.

Additionally, women who need a cesarean section (C-section) are now able to immediately bond with their new little one in whats called a gentle C-section. Until recently, women who delivered a child through C-section missed out on immediate skin-on-skin with their newborn because their baby was taken to the nursery while mom was in recovery. Now, at Littleton Adventist Hospital after C-section delivery and a quick assessment by the doctor, baby is placed on moms chest while her incision is closed. Then, mom and baby recover together.

"Littleton loves little ones and their moms! Weve heard from our moms and our midwives that these were desired services and were thrilled that we can meet the needs of our community, stated womens services director Stacy Kreil.

For more information about OB services, visit Littleton Adventist Hospital website.


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