Mental Health Services Key 2019 Initiative for Longmont United Hospital’s Primary Care Clinic

(LONGMONT, COLO.) Longmont United Hospital - Centura Health, the region’s health care leader, believes that mental health is as important to your overall wellness as your physical health. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health administration, approximately 43.6 million Americans report experiencing some mental illness.

In addition, Colorado lies within the top 10 states for the highest rates of suicide in the country. The Colorado Health Institute reported 1,175 suicide deaths in Colorado during 2017—a record high for the state. Because of these staggering numbers, LUH and its primary care providers at Centura Health Physician Group (CHPG) are recruiting mental health professionals to fill the need to provide onsite resources to address mental well-being.

“There is still a large stigma that surrounds mental health issues, which prevents a lot of people from seeking the help they need,” states Alice Vienneau, Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Centura Health Physician Group.

Mental health has been clearly linked to physical health. Individuals who suffer from mental illness are at an increased risk of illness, including flu, heart disease, cancer and more. The same is true when positive improvements are made to physical health, such as eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. These improvements to physical lifestyle can have positive impacts on mental health and vice versa.

To improve both mental and physical health of patients more seamlessly, CHPG has begun adding Licensed Clinical Social Workers, like Alice, to Centura Health’s primary care offices across the state of Colorado, including the CHPG – Southwest Longmont Primary Care location.

“Working side-by-side with primary care providers allows us to assess and begin addressing mental health issues which come up at patients’ medical appointments,” says Alice. “We are making introductions to a Behavioral Health Provider a normal part of the visit, thus, diminishing the stigma. Patients who address both their physical and mental wellbeing have the best outcomes.”

To learn more about mental health resources visit Centura Health website.


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