St. Rose Exceeds Expectations During First Year with Midwest Cancer Alliance

The feedback clearly confirms that our MCA membership has led to maximum participation in the network of facilities and physicians, said Mark Mingenback, St. Rose director of business strategy and marketing. The MCA leadership is impressed with our aggressive engagement in its programs and our communitys response to its services.

Mingenback noted that MCAs influence is seen on a regular basis at St. Roses Heartland Cancer Center.

For example, there have been more than 20 second-opinion consultations via Interactive Tele-video (ITV), active clinical-trial participation, a strong public-awareness campaign and local physician engagement with The University of Kansas Cancer Center.

MCA and KUs Cancer Center are partners in offering the best in oncology, Mingenback added. The KU center was officially recognized last summer as a National Cancer Institute facility, which brings more prestige and more avenues to the best treatment.

This membership allows us to provide clinically superior cancer care by supplying our health-care professionals with several tools previously not available, Mingenback said. In addition to ITV consultations with KU oncologists and clinical trials of new drugs, our physicians have more access to continuing medical education.

We also have access to the KU Cancer Center Tumor Board for review of specific cases, he added. And we can offer community cancer screenings in collaboration with KU. The list just goes on and on.

Hope Krebill, MCA executive director, echoed many of Mingenbacks comments, noting St. Rose has built a strong reputation in its first year of MCA membership.

St. Rose and the Heartland Cancer Center frequently look for opportunities to provide services to benefit the community, Krebill said. I am always impressed with their desire to provide patient-centered health care and their willingness to collaborate on a variety of MCA programs.

St. Rose is investing in your community through this membership, Krebill continued. This investment results in more options such as clinical trials that allow patients to stay close to home. In addition, health-care providers are able to stay up-to-date on the latest clinical care by ITV, thus decreasing travel time; this means more time with patients.

Through MCA outreach events and educational programs, patients, caregivers and community members also are connecting with others across the state, learning about new resources and methods to maintain health.

Over the past year, we have seen first-hand how fortunate Great Bend is to have St. Rose and the Heartland Cancer Center, Krebill said. Their physicians, nurses, technicians and leadership team are warm, caring and professional individuals who keep the community as their number-one priority.