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(FRISCO, COLO.)Having the right information at the right time and in the right place is critical in todays operating rooms. That's why St. Anthony Summit Medical Center has installed the newest Medtronic O-arm Intra-operative 3- D Imaging System and the StealthStation Surgical Navigation System.

One of three hospitals Colorado, this advanced imaging and navigation system will enable our surgeons to more accurately and safely operate in the complex and delicate areas of the spine. The key to these two technologies is the ability to deliver critical information to the surgeon and surgical team in real-time, for less time under the knife and better patient outcomes.

The premise is simple: Navigation is like a global positioning system for surgeons. The Stealth computer allows the surgeon to create three dimensional images of the patient through strategically places cameras, infrared lights and reflective frames. The computer then helps guide the surgeon for better hardware placement. The result: greater accuracy and smaller incisions and less pain.

"Without the GPS, you could always get where you wanted to, but you might spend two hours asking your way on the road," said Nadim Yared, general manager of the division of Medtronic that makes Stealth.

Intra-operative imaging and surgical navigation are vital tools for the surgical team striving for optimal patient outcomes, says Dr. James Perry, DO, Orthopaedic Spine surgeon with Vail Summit Orthopaedics. The technology gives surgeons the ability to visualize and track in real time their surgical instruments relative to a patients specific anatomy - providing the ability to avoid misplacement and malalignment of hardware. The technology will particularly improve the outcome of cases where deformity is present or revision cases.

Dr. Perry also recently became the first surgeon in the country to complete the Medtronic Accelerate Program that emphasizes minimally invasive spine solutions focusing on navigational spine surgical procedures. This program consisted of several visits out of state for advanced training in this technology.

St. Anthony Summit Medical Center is proud to offer the latest O-arm Intra-operative 3D Imaging System and the Stealth Station Surgical Navigation System manufactured by Medtronic Inc. This technology will improve patient outcomes and allow patients faster recovery enabling them to get back to what they love. If you think this technology can benefit you, consult your physician and request your surgery be done at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center.

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