Where Gifts Go

Learn how your donation to Parker Adventist Hospital Foundation is used to support programs that improve health care in our community.

Where Gifts Go

Learn how your donation to Parker Adventist Hospital Foundation is used to support programs that improve health care in our community.

Parker Adventist Hospital community

Parker Adventist Hospital Foundation

Supporting our Parker community

Your donation can make a difference for a child, family, friend or neighbor. Parker Adventist Hospital Foundation provides support for various programs in our community, each impacting lives differently from one another.

Hospital services we support

Hospital services we support

The BirthPlace at Parker Adventist Hospital delivers an amazing experience for new moms, families and guests. From our large private birthing suites, gourmet room service and a unique family-centered approach to care, The BirthPlace combines advanced medical expertise with the utmost of safety, comfort and confidence. Our highly skilled BirthPlace team is ready for anything, including high-risk pregnancies, multiples and premature babies. 

We are committed to saving lives with early detection of breast cancer. Your support provides 3D digital screening mammograms for uninsured patients, patient education materials from the National Institute of Health, nutrition counseling, and genetic testing for uninsured patients.

In addition to providing compassionate, quality care to those facing a dreaded cancer diagnosis, we offer counseling and support and strive to put some of the control back into the patient’s hands through nutritional, genetic, and psychosocial counseling. Gifts also support massage therapy, our annual Survivors Day, and resiliency coaching for breast cancer survivors post-treatment. Your support will help us continue saving lives and exceeding expectations.

Since opening in 2004, Parker’s 24-bed ED has experienced an average of 2,300 patient visits per month. Our Level II trauma center is undergoing acapital campaign to support a new ED with morespace to best provide for our community’s growing emergency and trauma care needs.

Hospital programs we support

Hospital programs we support

There are many types of adoptions — domestic, international, and through foster care. Adding more to the mix, domestic adoptions are now classified as open and closed, based on contact with birth family. With 135,000 children adopted in the U.S. every year, chances are high that you may know a family hoping to adopt. Parker Adventist Hospital's adoption program, supported by the Parker Hospital Foundation, is nationally recognized for its innovation in providing support to both the birth and adopting families before, during, and after the birth and adoption.

Head injuries account for 60 percent of equestrian-related deaths. Ensuring that adults and seniors wear a properly fitting equestrian helmet can prevent death and reduce the severity of head injuries.

Parker Adventist Hospital Equestrian Safety Program, which is supported by the Parker Hospital Foundation, conducts free community safety seminars and for a minimal $5 dollar donation, we provide a custom-fitted helmet to Parker-area equestrians.

To schedule a complimentary equestrian helmet fitting and receive a Free helmet for your child, contact us.

  • Phone: 303-269-4638 or 303-269-4809

With all of our privileges here in Colorado, we havethe opportunity to extend the healing ministry of Christ to our global community. Your gift will directlyimprove countless lives in Nepal, Peru, and Rwanda, where we partner with local hospitals to providedesperately needed medical care.

The high-quality, compassionate care provided here at Parker Adventist Hospital, coupled with patient education, healing environments, and the latest medical technology makes for award-winning care for every patient who comes through our doors. Your generosity will continue supporting advances in technology, equipment, and programming in every area of our hospital, as well as expand community outreach through the annual 9Health Fair and a very special gift to patients and their visitors through the PawPals therapy dog program.

Our philanthropy-funded Healing Arts Program integrates the arts with great health care by creating an environment not just to treat illness, but to provide an inspiration for living. From music to massage, paintings, and sculptures, these unique services offer many expressions of art to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit. By expanding this program, we are able to provide additional emotional and spiritual care for patients and families.

Parker Hospital recognizes the importance of injury prevention and provides a variety of free education and outreach programs. Our Trauma team is committed to educating our community through a variety of programs including:

Horses, Heads & Helmets

ThinkFirst For Fall Prevention

• Stop the Bleed- call 303-269-4638 for information on class availability

• Teen Motor Vehicle Crash Prevention- 303-269-4638 for more information

These programs are made possible by generous donations.

Nurses are key to our patients’ experience and recovery. Your gifts will enhance and expand ongoing training and education for our exceptional nursing team here at Parker Adventist Hospital. Support a nurse to go back to school, attend a professional conference, or obtain a specialty certification to promote the delivery of competent and high quality care. 

Sometimes we see patients who are unable to afford items and necessities that are key in continuing their healing journey once they leave our hospital. Your gift will make the difference for them in a very practical way.

This program is designed to benefit our physician community to mentor and support, improve engagement, foster communication, improve resiliency, identify and cultivate pathways to fulfillment, and prevent burnout.

Since 2011, Parker Hospital has provided The Christmas Store, which serves local families in need and provides them the opportunity to shop forChristmas gifts – at no cost – for their immediate family members at a special “store” that is set up in the hospital.