Programs We Support

  • The John Zay Guest House

    Located on the northeast corner of Tejon and Madison, just across the street from Penrose Hospital, the John Zay Guest House is a 22 room and/or suite hospitality residence available for outpatients and families of patients receiving treatment at Penrose Hospital or Penrose Cancer Center.

    This home-away-from-home for patients living 30 miles or more outside of Colorado Springs provides respite and an opportunity for families to remain together during treatment. The house provides precisely what is needed – a place to sleep, shower, eat, pray and to find comfort and companionship.

    John Zay Guest House

    All of this gives patients and families one less thing to worry about when dealing with incredibly stressful medical situations. Many of these families have very limited financial resources, and having to find and pay for lodging brings an additional burden.

    The guest house was named in honor of John Zay, a cancer floor chaplain at Penrose Hospital for more than fourteen years. John was a cancer survivor of twenty years, and heard his call to minister to cancer patients during that experience. John died in 2004, but the ministry he loved is gratefully continued in this wonderful home.


    The House that Love Built

    Physicians, volunteers and families share their experience and gratitude for the house that love built.

    John Zay Guest House Addition

    On Monday, October 30, the John Zay Guest House celebrated the opening of a newly-constructed addition to the main house. Approximately 100 people joined together to participate in the blessing of the structure, which contains 11 mini-suites and will provide between 3,600 and 4,000 additional nights of lodging for patients and their families.

    John Zay Guest House Addition

    Since its opening, the original John Zay Guest House has almost always been full, with a consistent waiting list of 7 to 10 families. There have been as many as 20 parties waiting for a room -enough to more than fill an entire second house.

    As Penrose-St. Francis’ reputation as a regional center of excellence for oncology and cardiovascular services continues to grow, this need has increased, with more patients and families from outside Colorado Springs needing accommodation.

    With this in mind, we began a campaign to raise money for an addition to the original Guest House.

    On May 11, 2017, the Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation was pleased to announce that we had raised the $2 million in estimated project costs, enabling us to break ground on the much-needed expansion to the John Zay Guest House. Groundbreaking on the project took place on June 23, 2017.

    This achievement is additionally significant, as the project was funded entirely by philanthropic donations made by individual donors and local-area foundations. The local Housing & Building Association, through their philanthropic arm “HBA Cares”, coordinated and secured $500,000 of donated services and materials.

    This wonderful community asset is now open and welcoming patients and their families – providing a place in close proximity to the hospital while their loved one receives the care and treatment they need.

    Healing the whole person in body, mind and spirit, is truly emphasized at the John Zay Guest House. The house is managed by Sister Lou Krippel and Mickey Zay, John Zay’s widow, and dedicated volunteers who console, pray and celebrate with house guests. A member of the National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses Inc., the guest house is located at:

    2131 North Tejon Street
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907

    Phone: 719-633-8855

  • Sisters of Charity Patient Assistance Program

    Reeling from one tragedy and confronted by a second, Robert had no local family to turn to for support.

    Robert never expected to lose his beloved wife so soon.  The two had plans to retire early and live out their lives enjoying one another's company. Sadly, Robert not only faced living life alone; he also faced his own medical crisis just months after losing his wife. Reeling from one tragedy and confronted by a second, Robert had no local family to turn to for support.  Instead, he was referred to the Sisters of Charity Patient Assistance Program by one of his medical caregivers who knew that help was available because of people like you. Robert not only received financial assistance from the Sisters of Charity Patient Assistance Program to pay for medical expenses; he also received confirmation that people really do care about one another.  The ending to Robert's story could have turned out so differently were it not for the generosity of this community.

    The Sisters of Charity Patient Assistance Program helps numerous families and individuals, like Robert, who are faced with life's unexpected challenges, and who are in need of a helping hand.  This help is made possible through the donations of caring souls who support this ministry started over 100 years ago by the Sisters of St. Francis and the Sisters of Charity. The Sisters of Charity Patient Assistance Program is funded entirely by donations and needs your help in order to continue to make a difference in the lives of so many.  Won't you please take a moment to make a gift of any amount of your choosing, to help the Sisters of Charity Patient Assistance Program help others like Robert? 

    Last year, Penrose-St. Francis forgave millions in pure, outright charity care. While the totals are astounding they do not include the many additional dollars that we wrote off as "bad debt," due to losses from Medicaid and many other uncompensated services that we provide. 

    The mission of Penrose-St. Francis compels us to care for our community. With your help we can continue this tradition of caring started by the Sisters of Charity and the Sisters of St. Francis more than one hundred years ago. 

  • Wall of Honor at Penrose Hospital

    A Gift That Will Do So Much Good Today. A Tribute That Will Live On For Generations To Come.

    It's difficult to find the words that describe the truly special times of our lives, and the special people in our lives.   

    How do you express the joy of a newly born life? The grief for a lost love one? The gratitude for a lifetime of support and friendship? Or just a message of love and caring to someone special on a birthday or anniversary?  

    Now there is a way to demonstrate these unspoken emotions with a powerful, positive action. The Penrose-St. Francis Health Foundation offers a special program of commemorative giving that channels your sentiment in to a benevolent, caring contribution to those who need it most.

    The Wall of Honor 
    The Wall of Honor is an attractive, dignified wall located in the new main lobby in the E Tower of Penrose Hospital. Presented on a 46" LCD, each name appears independently with your special message.

    A Heritage of Caring

    For over 20 years, Penrose Hospital's Wall of Honor has occupied a very prominent place in our hospital's main lobby. It is a reminder of how special each and every person truly is whether with us today or passed on; relative or friend, close or far away. It reminds our physicians, associates, volunteers and visitors of the sacredness of every human being. It reminds us of our mission and that we are children of God and are called to serve everyone.