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St. Anthony Summit Medical Center Health Foundation Supports Healthy Futures in Our Community

St. Anthony Summit Medical Center's programs and services reach beyond the hospital's walls into our community, bringing education, comfort, healing and life-saving care to people in need. Donors to St. Anthony Summit Medical Center Health Foundation make it possible for St. Anthony Summit Medical Center to continue its mission of caring for those who are ill and nurturing the health of the people in our communities.

where gifts go

Where Gifts Go

Through our efforts, we are able to give funds dedicated to improving care, purchasing equipment, and developing programs needed to care for the people of our community. 

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Associate Giving

Why Give at Work?

At St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, you’re more than an associate. You are part of the impact we make in our community. You live out our Mission every day. We appreciate your dedication and the difference you make for St. Anthony Summit Medical Center - our hospital, urgent care, physician clinics. We’d like to invite you to make an even bigger impact. Your gift will directly support patients and fellow associates at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center or global communities through the Global Health Initiatives fund. 

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