Associate Campaign

At St. Thomas More Hospital, you’re more than an associate. You are part of the impact we make in our community. You live out our Mission every day. We appreciate your dedication and the difference you make for St. Thomas More Hospital - our hospital, urgent care, physician clinics. We’d like to invite you to make an even bigger impact. Your gift will directly support patients and fellow associates at St. Thomas More Hospital, or global communities through the Global Health Initiatives fund. 

Did you know?
As an associate, you may be eligible to receive emergency financial assistance during financial difficulties resulting from a personal crisis or major life event. This program is funded entirely through the efforts of this campaign. 

because of you

Every gift, of any size, makes a difference

We appreciate the difference you make for our hospitals and care sites through your dedication to providing whole person care. We’d like to invite you to make an even bigger impact! Your gift will make a meaningful difference for patients, communities, and fellow associates – saving lives, soothing souls, giving hope.

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