Avista Adventist Hospital has no plans to leave Louisville community

March 8, 2022
Twilight photo of Avista Adventist Hospital Exterior

We are committed to delivering compassionate care and meeting our community’s health and wellbeing needs. Avista began serving our community 126 years ago and the residential growth in the area has been significant. In fact, it was just in 2005 when Louisville, CO first became ranked as one of the 100 best places to live in the United States. Since that time, we have seen a significant increase in people moving to our beloved community to enjoy all it has to offer, and our hospital’s growth strategies focus on continuing our legacy of caring for our neighbors.

We have heard increased community dialogue and seen the recent news coverage speculating that we are moving and building a hospital at the proposed Redtail Ridge development site. Centura Health has a contract to purchase property within this development, and we know this development has led to much controversy in the community, so it is important for us to share our position with you.

  • While Centura Health is assessing opportunities for Avista’s future growth, we do not have plans to move Avista outside of Louisville.
  • We are neutral on the referendum as the outcome of the special election may influence but will not ultimately impact our internal decision making.
  • If the referendum passes, the development will include land zoned for a hospital. If it fails, we would be willing to explore obtaining the appropriate zoning approval with the city directly.
  • We are looking at opportunities within the Louisville community to enhance our hospital, address our growing community’s health and wellbeing needs, and ensure our hospital is convenient and accessible to our neighbors and patients.

Avista was founded in Boulder County in 1896 by Dr. Harvey Kellogg, a physician and the inventor of corn flakes, and the hospital has been in our current location in Louisville for 32 years. We are proud of this legacy, and we are committed to extending our Mission. As our plans are developed and we secure the approvals needed to develop the property, we will keep our patients, our neighbors and our community informed.