Keeping safe while horseback riding

March 8, 2023
horseback riding in a field

With over 12 million people riding horses in the United States, it’s evident this outdoor activity is immensely popular. People ride horses for a variety of reasons: to relieve stress, find companionship, or stay in shape. Yet given the size of the horse, its strength, and sometimes unpredictable nature, proper safety precautions should be taken to avoid serious injury while horseback riding.  

At Parker Adventist Hospital, equestrian-related injuries are among the top five most-treated injuries. These injuries can impact a person or family both physically, financially, and emotionally. Taking simple actions, like wearing a properly fitted helmet or a padded vest when riding, can make a significant difference. 

At Centura Health, we’re committed to keeping our communities safe and encouraging safe riding every time. That’s why we offer "Horses, Heads, and Helmets" equestrian safety education classes, which cover topics such as when to seek emergency care, how to fit a helmet properly, and concussion protocol. All classes are free, and helmets can be purchased for $5 and fit properly.  

For more information on our equestrian safety classes or to watch our equestrian safety video, click here.