Neurological Brain Care from the Heart

August 2, 2021
Dr. Angela Bohnen

Where you go for neurological care makes all the difference in what you experience next.

The way most patients discover they have brain cancer typically follows this path - Patients go to the emergency department because of seizure or stroke-like symptoms, having a severe headache or experiencing vision problems. An MRI or CAT scan is ordered. The scan shows a tumor. A neurosurgeon is called in for a consult.

As you can imagine, dealing with a malignant brain tumor can be intensely stressful. A patient’s life can radically change by what often comes next - surgery and radiation.

As a faith-based, non-profit health organization, Centura Health providers are able to help patients with brain cancer still feel like people, not just a patient. While we have the most advanced technology and fellowship-trained neuroscience specialists, what sets Centura Health providers apart from others is how expertise is combined with the healing power of compassion.

Braids before brain surgery

Compassion is at the heart of what we do and below is an example of just that:

Maria*, woman in her 40s with glioblastoma (a type of brain tumor), came in for surgery. To get to the brain, an incision is made on her scalp. Most of the time, the patient’s hair will be shaved in that area. However, Maria’s neurosurgeon, Angela Bohnen, MD, recognizes how important hair is, how it affects how we feel about ourselves and the way we present ourselves to the world - especially for women.

Before surgery started and while Maria was on the operating table, Dr. Bohnen made French braids on both sides of the area where she’d need to make the incision. She braided the hair so tightly and carefully, that none of Maria’s hair was shaved.

When Maria went for radiation after the surgery, the radiologist couldn’t tell where the incision was made, because all her hair was still there!

Choose Centura for compassion and personalization

Maria’s story is not just a one-off situation. Dr. Bohnen braids the hair of all her brain surgery patients as part of her commitment to providing personalized, compassionate care. It’s a commitment shared by every single member of the Centura Health team. Each caregiver has their own way of providing compassion – often by actively listening, educating and supporting patients in decisions they make.

“You have brain cancer,” are words nobody wants to hear, ever. However, if you or a loved one are facing this diagnosis, you can turn to a Centura Health neuroscience specialists for expertise, advanced technology for treatment and compassionate care that comes from the heart.

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*Not her real name