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Catholic Health Initiatives

Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is headquartered in Denver with operations in 20 states, including 78 hospitals, 40 long-term care, assisted-and residential-living facilities and two community health-services organizations. Ranked as the nation's second-largest Catholic health care system, recent annual revenues reached $8.2 billion.


The mission of Catholic Health Initiatives is to nurture the healing ministry of the Church by bringing it new life, energy and viability in the 21st century. Fidelity to the Gospel urges us to emphasize human dignity and social justice as we move toward the creation of healthier communities.


Our Vision is to live up to our name as one CHI:

Catholic:  Living our Mission and Core Values.
Health:  Improving the health of the people and communities we serve.
Initiatives:  Pioneering models and systems of care to enhance care delivery.


Catholic Health Initiatives

To learn more, visit the Catholic Health initiatives website.

  • 78 hospitals
  • 40 extended care
  • 2 community health services
  • 20 states


For more than 100 years the Sisters of Charity have faithfully carried out the healing mission of Jesus. From the hills of Cincinnati, Ohio to the western territory of New Mexico and the mountains of Colorado, they built hospitals, trained nurses and established a long-lasting heritage. As chief executive officers, supervisors, bedside nurses and in many other capacities, they met the needs of people through excellent care and loving compassion.

  • They engaged the laity in the governance of increasingly complex organizations and, with their guidance and community support, continued to expand facilities and increase the delivery of Catholic health care services.
  • By the later part of the 20th Century the dynamics of change within religious congregations and the competitive environment of health care delivery required strategic adaptation to strengthen Catholic presence in health care and to maximize resources for the sake of the mission. In 1987, the Sisters of St. Francis of Colorado Springs, Colorado transferred their facilities in Denver, Colorado Springs and Albuquerque to the Sisters of Charity Health Services in Colorado. This transfer also included their facilities in Omaha, Lincoln and Kearney, Nebraska.
  • A significant initiative that occurred in 1996 was the formation of Centura Health, which brought the Sisters of Charity Health Services to Colorado into a joint operating agreement with the Adventist hospitals of Colorado. This collaborative effort offered a model of Christian partnership to increase the effective stewardship of the health care ministry.
  • Also in 1996, Sisters of Charity Health Services Colorado with Franciscan Health System of Aston, Pennsylvania and Catholic Health Corporation of Omaha, Nebraska, consolidated their systems in the formation of Catholic Health Initiatives. The founding congregations of Catholic Health Initiatives entrusted in this new organization the mission and ministry they had initiated and sustained for more than a century. Through this model of partnership, the healing ministry of Christ will continue to flourish, rooted in the faith and tradition of its origins and remain faithful in its legacy of healing service and compassionate care.
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