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In 1996, Adventist Health System (AHS) and Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) hospitals in Colorado formed Centura Health, a faith-based, nonprofit health care network designed to manage-and strengthen-their hospitals and services. Since their earliest days, Adventists have been active in establishing hospitals that place an emphasis on whole person care and on illness prevention. Catholics are well known for their tradition of caring for the poor. Both sponsors have preserved an unwavering commitment to their values and an understanding of the vital role that ministering to spiritual needs can play in health care.


Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) is headquartered in Denver with operations in 20 states, including 78 hospitals, 40 long-term care, assisted-and residential-living facilities and two community health-services organizations. Ranked as the nation's second-largest Catholic health care system, recent annual revenues reached $8.2 billion.



Adventist Health System (AHS) was founded in 1973 to support and strengthen Seventh-day Adventist health care organizations in the southern and southwestern regions of the United States, and is the largest nonprofit Protestant health care provider in the nation. AHS supports 45 hospitals and employs nearly 43,000 individuals, serving nearly 4 million patients each year.

Centura Health Today

Today, Centura Health is Colorado and western Kansas' largest health care provider, operating 15 hospitals, six senior living communities, home care and hospice services.

Centura Health entities sponsored by the Adventist Health System include:

Centura Health entities sponsored by Catholic Health Initiatives include:

A Tradition of Healing Throughout Colorado

Centura Health hospitals and services have served Colorado and western Kansas since 1996, but our 15 hospitals have served our communities for decades, some for more than 125 years. Our sponsors, Catholic Health Initiatives and Adventist Health System, have long provided loving, leading edge care to those in need.

The Catholic community is renowned for its history of helping heal those who have nowhere else to turn. Seventh-day Adventists have promoted whole person care and healthier lifestyles. Together these two organizations have forged an organization unlike any other.

Adventist Health System
Catholic Health Initiatives


Centura Health Today

Today, Centura Health associates meet the needs of more than a half million people each year. As the largest health care system in the state, with acute care hospitals, senior communities, home care and hospice services, as well as clinics throughout Colorado and western Kansas, Centura's mission compels our associates to provide compassionate, excellent health care to all who enter our doors.


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