Nurse Residencies

Become the nursing professional you’ve always envisioned.

Nurse Residencies

Become the nursing professional you’ve always envisioned.

Nationally recognized, evidence-based curriculum

Our Centura New Graduate RN Residency Programs offer a variety of nationally recognized curriculum. This innovative and evidence-based curriculum is delivered through a comprehensive 12-month program focusing on three areas critical to new nurse success: leadership, patient outcomes, and professional role. Throughout the program you will be supported by leaders and mentors who care about your success and will help you become the nursing professional you’ve always envisioned.

We pride ourselves on our nurses finding the best hospital and department that meets their career goals. You have opportunities and options, with locations throughout Colorado and western Kansas and many departments including medical, surgical, and many other specialty areas, you will find your best career fit.

*New* Residency Tracks (click here to learn more):

  • Critical Care Track
  • Emergency Department Track
  • Intermediate Care Track
  • Medical/Surgical Track

Residency Programs (click here to learn more):

  • NICU
  • Operating Room
  • Women’s


Start your nursing career with us

We are excited to welcome you, the next generation of caregivers, into our health ministry.

With multiple cohorts offered a year, you will be able to find the program that best meets your career goals. Join one of our monthly calls to learn more or apply today!

Nurse residency information call

Nurse residency information call

Join us every third Friday of the month from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. (mountain time zone) to learn more about Centura Health’s nurse residency programs, the applicant process and to speak to a Centura Health nurse recruiter.

Use the toll-free-dial in to hear the recruiter presentation and get any of your questions regarding the residency programs answered.

Dial-in: 1-408-638-0968
Enter meeting ID: 542 918 4543

Application Information & Program Dates

Application Information & Program Dates

  • Application window
    • Fall Cohort: Application window opens July 30, 2022
  • Offers extended by
    • Fall Cohort: October 31, 2022
  • Program Begins
    • Fall Cohort: November 14, 2022


Fall 2022 cohort

  • Application window opens: July 30, 2022 - October 7, 2022
  • Offers extended by: October 31, 2022
  • Program begins: November 14, 2022



Beginning with our November 2022 cohort, we have re-imagined our New Graduate RN Residency Programs to advance the quality of our care and services by focusing on the growth and development of you, our caregivers.

Our New Graduate RN Residency Track Programs were built to help you transition from the classroom to thriving as a difference-maker while experiencing a fulfilling and rewarding career. This program utilizes evidence-based curriculum and is designed to support new nurses.

What you need to know:

  • In this program, you will have the opportunity to rotate shifts and facilities, when available based on geography, in one of four tracks:
    • Critical Care Track
      • ICU, PACU
    • Emergency Department Track
      • Hospital & Free-Standing Emergency Department
    • Intermediate Care Track
      • Transition, Cardiovascular Unit, Acuity Adaptable, Progressive Care Unit
    • Medical/Surgical Track
      • Cardiac, Oncology, Neurology, General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedic, ED Observation, Telemetry
  • Our track options will allow you to work in areas that match your interests and career goals and will provide you with a variety of experiences within our ministry, to enhance your growth and development.
  • Our track process allows you to rotate through day shift and night shift on units within the specialty. These rotations provide the opportunity for you to become familiar with unit cultures, patient population, and meet peers in your specialty to find the best fit for your future career.
  • As Nurse residents, you will be part of an organization wide team and report to the residency director, who will support you in navigating through our program.
  • After eight weeks in the residency program, you will be matched into a unit where you will begin your career with Centura. The matching team will work to ensure the best fit for you!
  • To be eligible for the program, you must have obtained licensure within the last 12 months or anticipate licensure within two weeks of the start date of the cohort and have no previous acute care RN experience. If you are nearing graduation, we encourage you to apply.
  • This program comes with a minimum Full Time work commitment of 24 months. The 24-month commitment begins following satisfactory completion of clinical training.

NICU RN Residency

The NICU Residency Program optimizes the integration of new and experienced nurses into neonatal practice utilizing a blended learning program which is evidence based through the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal (AWHONN).

Operation Room RN Residency

The Operating Room Residency Program optimizes the integration of new and experienced nurses into perioperative practice utilizing a blended, evidence-based learning program based through the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN). This comprehensive, academic program utilizes classroom training, skills labs, clinical practice, preceptorship and mentoring, and online modules to prepare nurses for practice in a perioperative setting. The program consists of 10 weeks of structured academic and clinical orientation, a unit orientation lasting approximately 6 months, and ongoing mentorship throughout the first year of practice.

Women’s RN Residency

The Women’s Residency Program optimizes the integration of new and experienced nurses into perinatal practice utilizing a blended learning program which is evidence based through the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetrics, and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN). This residency program is a comprehensive educational phased process that encompasses AWHONN’s Perinatal Orientation and Education Program (POEP) designed to support nurses transitioning to clinical practice across a 16-week structured clinical orientation with ongoing mentorship throughout the first year of practice.

Interviews & Selections

  • A recruiter will review your application.
  • Qualified applicants chosen for interviews with hiring managers will be notified via phone or email
  • Hiring managers and/or hiring teams will conduct interviews via phone, Zoom, or in person.
  • Applicants will also be sent a link to complete a SkillSurvey reference check.


  • If you are selected, you will receive an offer via phone by the talent acquisition team.
  • Offers will be contingent upon the following:
    • Completed reference check
    • Active BLS through the American Heart Association
    • Successful completion of pre-employment process including a pre-employment drug/health screening and a background check.
    • RN license for the state you plan to work/reside in, verifiable two (2) weeks prior to the program start date. (e.g. a CO RN or eNLC compact licensure for CO or active KS RN license for those applying to the KS locations)

Eligibility Questions

Who is eligible for the New Graduate RN Nurse Residency Track and Programs?

  • Applicants who have obtained a RN license in the last 12 months and have no previous acute care RN experience.
  • Applicants who are graduating and anticipate obtaining RN licensure at least two weeks prior to the start of the upcoming cohort are eligible for the program as well.

Can I submit my application prior to taking the NCLEX?

Yes, it is not required to have passed the NCLEX at time of application. However, it is required that all applicants selected must have a valid CO (other compact state) or KS license number (depending on location of hire) two weeks prior to the cohort start date.


I obtained a ADN, am I still eligible for Residency?

Applicants who possess an ADN may still apply for the program. It is strongly encouraged that applicants possess a BSN or higher or be enrolled in a ADN to BSN program.


What if I have a compact license?

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, nurses who have a compact license can work in another compact state indefinitely, “as long as you maintain legal residency in the state that issued your multistate license, and you remain in good standing. If you were to take an action (while practicing in another NLC state or otherwise) which would change your legal residency status, then you have given up legal residency in that home state and you must now apply for license by endorsement in the new state of residence. The new license issued will replace the former license. For example, a nurse has legal residency in Arizona and practices temporarily in Colorado for six months on the Arizona multistate license. While the nurse is practicing in Colorado, her Arizona driver’s license expires. Rather than renewing the Arizona driver’s license, the nurse obtains a Colorado driver’s license. Because a Colorado driver’s license is only issued to a Colorado resident, the nurse has now become a Colorado resident unintentionally. Nurses must be careful not to take actions that would change their state of legal residency, when practicing in another state where they temporarily reside.” For more information regarding a compact license, please visit:


Application Questions

I applied for a previous Centura New Graduate RN Nurse Residency; do I need to re-submit my application?

You will need to submit a completed application for each cohort that you are interested in. If you completed the Skill Survey reference check within the last 12 months, you would not need to redo your references. If you completed Skill Survey references more than 12 months ago, you will be asked to re-do your reference check.


How can I confirm my application was received?

You will receive an automated e-mail confirming that your application has been submitted.


I missed the application window; can I submit my application via e-mail?

Unfortunately, the application window cannot be extended and must be submitted through Centura Health’s online applicant system ( We recommend allowing ample time to complete your application and applying early once the application period begins.


What should I expect once my application has been submitted?

The talent acquisition team will review all applications for completeness. To accelerate the process, you can expect to receive an email requesting your reference check information as part of the application process for this program. Receiving a SkillSurvey link for references does not guarantee an offer. Those selected for interviews will be contacted by a member of our talent acquisition team.


What if I am an experienced nurse but looking for a position in a new specialty?

Experienced nurses who are transitioning to a new specialty will no longer go through the New Graduate RN Residency Programs. They will be hired directly into a department and, if offered a position, have an individualized orientation plan, which may include attendance at some of the residency sessions. To search or open RN jobs click here.


Still Have Questions?

Please feel free to mail us at [email protected] or join us every third Friday of the month from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. MST to learn more about Centura Health’s nurse residency programs, the applicant process and to speak to a Centura Health nurse recruiter. Audio Conference Dial-In Number: 1 408 638 0968/Meeting ID: 542 918 4543.