St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency strongly encourages self-directed and patient-driven adult education. The presence of enthusiastic medical students in the residency provides a spark to this type of education. The St. Anthony Family Medicine residents look forward to teaching medical students and often find themselves learning as they teach. Faculty are frequently recharged by the students as well.

There are two different organized learning experiences as well as a sub-internship offered at St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency:

  • The inpatient clerkship teams medical students with the residents on the inpatient medicine services. The students will assume primary care of patients with the residents and work directly with them. Medical students may choose to do inpatient medicine, obstetrics or a combination of the two.
  • The outpatient clerkship allows the medical student to experience the residency outpatient clinic. Students work one-on-one with residents and faculty as they care for the residency's patient population in the ambulatory setting. 

    Family Medicine Sub-Internship (4 weeks total):  2 weeks on the family medicine inpatient service; 1 week on the family medicine OB service and 1 week in the family medicine outpatient clinic. 

Prior to a clerkship  being approved,  there must be a signed Educational Agreement between your medical school and St. Anthony North Hospital.  Contact Lupe Ambriz for more details (see below).

Clerkship Application 

If you are interested in applying for a clerkship with our residency program, contact Lupe Ambriz:

  • Phone: (303) 430-6000
  • Email
  • Course Description & Application Requirements


    St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency offers clerkships for fourth year medical students from U.S. schools. These rotations can be from one week to two months long (with any combination of inpatient, outpatient and OB) to enable medical students to work with our faculty and residents.  Prior to a rotation being approved, there must be a completed Educational Agreement between your medical school and St. Anthony Hospital.

    Teaching Activities: 
    Formal and informal teaching is provided to students in the same setting as that of our residents. Morning sign out, daily noon conference, hospital-sponsored grand rounds and residency conferences on a variety of topics are offered regularly. Students are encouraged to attend these conferences.

    A completed application includes: 

    1. Your application (available for download below) 
    2. A personal statement defining your interest in family medicine 
    3. A Certificate of Insurance from your school providing proof of malpractice insurance coverage 
    4. A letter from your Dean's office verifying good standing in medical school. 

    Student rotations are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, your interest in family medicine and strength of application.


    1. Family Medicine Sub-Internship:  4 weeks:  2 weeks on the family medicine inpatient service at St. Anthony North Hospital; 1 week on the family medicine OB service at St. Anthony North Hospital and 1 week in the family medicine outpatient clinic.
    2. Family Medicine Rotation:  Variable:  1-4 weeks; inpatient medicine, OB, and/or outpatient clinic, depending on interest and availability 

    These rotations provide an opportunity to get to know our program, our residents and faculty, which is helpful for students interested in applying to our Program.

    Should an evaluation be required by the medical school, it should be submitted to Lupe Ambriz (contact below).

    If you are unable to schedule a rotation with us but would like to spend a day or two to learn more about our program, we welcome your visit!

    Please contact:

    Lupe Ambriz, Administrative Assistant  
    St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency 
    8510 Bryan Street,  Suite 210, Room 201 
    Westminster, CO 80031 
    (303) 430-6000 or E-mail her:  

    Clerkship Application