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Centura Health Gastroenterology

Centura Health Gastroenterology is committed to your worry-free future – delivering the care and support to help you live your best life, inside and out. From complete diagnosis of GI conditions to important lifestyle transformations, everyone’s story is different and deserves a uniquely tailored personalized treatment plan, and we’re here to see that all the way through.

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Our board-certified gastroenterologists have expertise in nearly all types of digestive conditions, including acid reflux disease, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Preventive Colonosopy Screenings & Specialized Care

At Centura Health, we provide preventive screenings, diagnostic services and treatment options for the full spectrum of GI diseases and conditions. Our specialty gastroenterology care offers treatments that range from help with lifestyle changes to minimally invasive procedures to the complex management of chronic GI conditions.  

Colonoscopy Screenings

The most common symptoms of colon and rectal cancer are often no symptoms at all — at least not in the early stages — making regular colonoscopy screenings are extremely important. When colon cancer is detected early with a colonoscopy, it’s one of the most treatable cancers.  

GI Conditions

GI disorders can range from mild to serious, episodic to chronic, but they all can impact your enjoyment of life and limit your activities. If suffer from a GI disorder we can help.