Children's Emergency Rooms

Our pediatric ER services

Our pediatric emergency rooms employ a team of specially trained medical providers with the experience to care for your child’s emergency.

Our pediatric ERs offer:

  • A streamlined process for moving children through triage quickly and efficiently to the care they need
  • Board-certified pediatricians, emergency medicine doctors and experienced nurses specially trained in caring for kids
  • Dedicated pediatric treatment rooms with kid-sized equipment
  • Bedside registration so parents can stay with their child the entire time
  • Specially trained pediatric nurses and staff
  • Coordinated care and communication with your pediatrician and specialists
  • Welcoming designs and amenities that meet the unique needs of children and teens and make families feel comfortable

Should your child require additional care, our inpatient pediatric units are available to continue care after the emergency room.

Family-Centered Care

We practice a patient and family-centered approach to care. This approach not only helps you and your child feel better, it results in better outcomes. When families are involved, children have less anxiety and are more cooperative, which helps us to be able to provide the most effective care and treatment possible.

Your child’s feelings, emotions and future well-being are a top priority, and we encourage you to be with your child throughout the emergency visit. It also means family members may stay with your child at all times while in the emergency room and help make decisions regarding his or her care and treatment along the way.