Genetic Counseling & Testing

At Centura Health, we’re dedicated to enhancing your understanding of your health through our advanced genetic counseling and testing services. Our team recognizes the importance of giving you a clear picture of your risks for cancer and other genetic conditions. We’ll work with you every step of the way to understand what your results mean for you and your family.

Genetic counseling is the first step in the genetic testing process. In a counseling session, you and a genetic counselor will discuss your family history, personal history with disease, symptoms you may be experiencing and other factors to assess possible health risks.

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Find Genetic Counseling Services

Our genetic counseling services can help you learn your risks for cancer and other genetic conditions.

You and your counselor will use the information to:

  • Estimate your risks for certain diseases
  • Estimate the risk of an inherited cancer in your family
  • Discuss ways to screen for and prevent cancer based on your risks
  • Review the pros and cons of genetic lab testing
  • Decide if genetic testing is right for you, given your particular risks and concerns

Our team will also provide you with treatment options and resources to support you through your journey.

While we offer genetic counseling services for a wide variety of diseases and disorders, many people use our services to better understand their cancer risks. Through genetic counseling and testing services, we can help you assess your risk of inherited cancers and empower you to lower your risks or detect cancer at its earliest stages.

One in three people develop cancer at some point in their lives, so chances are you or someone in your family has been affected. It’s important to remember that while a family history of cancer doesn’t mean you’ll develop cancer yourself, it may increase your risk. Genetic counseling can help you determine if you’re at a higher risk and if preventive and screening steps are right for you.


Genetic Counseling

Discover what genetic counselors do, why you might want to consult with a genetics counselor and how genetic information may influence treatment decisions.

Family History Questionnaire

Once you have scheduled your appointment with a Genetic Counseling Clinic, you will need to complete our online family history questionnaire prior to your appointment. Completing this questionnaire allows your genetic counselor to be better prepared for your appointment and to provide you with a more accurate risk assessment.

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