Centura Health Equity & Advancement Fund

Centura Health has established the Centura Health Equity & Advancement Fund. For the year 2023, the fund will distribute $5 million in community grants to extend the impact of community-based organizations that are focused on advancing social justice and health equity across Colorado, Utah and western Kansas. The fund supports our vision of every community, every neighborhood, every life - whole and healthy.

Centura Health Equity & Advancement Fund

Centura Health has established the Centura Health Equity & Advancement Fund. For the year 2023, the fund will distribute $5 million in community grants to extend the impact of community-based organizations that are focused on advancing social justice and health equity across Colorado, Utah and western Kansas. The fund supports our vision of every community, every neighborhood, every life - whole and healthy.

Pediatrician, Olukemi Akinrinola, MD is  doing yoga with one of her sons, Daniel,  at a home in Centennial, Colorado, U.S..
Pediatrician, Olukemi Akinrinola, MD is  doing yoga with one of her sons, Daniel,  at a home in Centennial, Colorado, U.S..

Why has Centura set up this program?

The Centura Health Equity & Advancement Fund was launched in 2021 in support of Centura’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) across our vibrant communities in Colorado, Utah and western Kansas. Our commitment to social justice lies in Centura’s Core Values, our Mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ, and from our Adventist and Catholic founders, who teach us that all people are made in the image of God and so possess an equal and inalienable worth.

Championing diversity

Championing diversity

Centura has implemented programs championing diversity and fostering inclusion for the past three years to make our company better, and continuously improve our work. We have developed D&I councils at each facility and are constantly looking for ways to amplify the voices of those who have been disenfranchised and to empower our associates and communities. The events around racial justice in 2020 accelerated the work we were doing and moved us to take more focused, impactful actions to address systemic racism and the issues surrounding health care equity. 

“All people are made in the image of God and are children of God. So, all people possess an equal and inalienable worth, and belong to a single, interconnected human family. We look at reality through the eyes of those who have been impacted by oppression and injustice. We join together in community. We care for and nurture all creation as well as actively participate in our community.”

Social justice framework

Social justice framework

In formalizing our fiscal year priorities in 2020-21, we released the Social Justice Framework to guide intentional and strategic actions to change both internal and external structures and systems and to meaningfully serve the community and deliver whole person care. 

The Centura Social Justice Framework is focused on five areas: Recognition and Support, Education and Development, Human Resources, Health Disparities and Community Impact. The Centura Health Equity & Advancement Fund is part of the Community Impact initiative.

  • Learn more about Centura’s Social Justice Framework
  • See previous Centura Health Equity and Advancement Fund awardees below.
2022 fund recipient projects

2022 fund recipient projects

Advocates for Victims of Assault 
Summit Advocates
Frisco, CO

Summit Advocates provides short-term resources which enhance safety and justice for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault while promoting peace in the community. Summit Advocates works to create a violence-free community through safety, support, education, and accountability. Summit Advocates is open to all, regardless of identifying statuses. This project provides the only emergency safe house and low-barrier emergency financial assistance to survivors of intimate partner violence in Summit County by aiding with rent, food access, and relocation support.


Break The Silence
Fort Morgan, CO

Break The Silence is a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness through music events on the mental health stigma in our society and reaching individuals who feel there is nothing worth living for. The goal of this program is to make an impact on the community by helping those who face struggles and creating a safe place to talk about them as well as work through traumas and grief in a peer support setting. This project will connect the members to any local, state, and national resources available by holding community events such as their Suicide Awareness Festival, opening a resource center, and partnering with other agencies to implement a new curriculum for schools.


Promotoras Community Engagement Infrastructure
Colorado Changemakers Collective

Denver, CO

Colorado Changemakers Collective (CCC) is creating an infrastructure in Denver that will support the work of local promotoras and of the community transformation they are working towards. The ultimate objective of CCC and promotoras community engagement is to empower Latinx families and communities to participate and engage authentically in community decision-making processes. The CCC seeks to empower these promotoras to implement their knowledge, lead community organizing, and create a wider network of community members who feel empowered enough to act to make a difference in their communities. Likewise, another primary goal of promotoras community engagement is to build deeper relationships between Latinx families and the organizations, agencies, and departments working to serve them.


Recovery Empowerment Support Services Team
Community Compassion Outreach

Durango, CO

Community Compassion Outreach's mission is to assist local individuals and families in preventing, surviving, and exiting homelessness and poverty. This program provides recovery coaches, peer support professionals, and culturally sensitive assistance which includes meals, housing assistance, motel nights, transportation, wraparound services, and referrals to partner agencies who provide coordination of care. Funding will also be used to facilitate a new child/family program.


Increasing the Quality of Health Services for the LGBTQ+ Community
Community Health Partnership
Colorado Springs, CO

Community Health Partnership (CHP) exists to improve the health of the Pikes Peak region by engaging community members, organizational partners, and healthcare providers to improve systems and increase health equity for all people using a collective impact approach. In collaboration with healthcare leaders in El Paso County, CHP is working to develop a roadmap for improving access and quality of care for underserved communities and convene partners on critical needs projects to transform community health. In partnership with Inside Out Youth Services (IOYS), CHP is collaborating with stakeholders to develop a plan for local healthcare systems to provide competent medical and behavioral health services to LGBTQ+ people and work to co-locate medical and behavioral health services for young people within IOYS’ community space.


Boulder County RSVP Board, Inc.

Boulder, CO

Cultivate provides unique, no-cost services to Broomfield and Boulder County individuals age 60+ that minimize isolation, meet basic human needs, and help prevent unnecessary institutionalization. Cultivate promotes self-sufficiency, safety, and health, despite advancing age or ability. With the boom of the aging population in Boulder, additional funding will provide this project the access to provide basic services that will address both social justice and health equity needs that seniors face as they age.


DBA The Initiative
Domestic Violence Initiative

Denver, CO

The services that are provided by The Initiative are specifically designed to support survivors with disabilities as they work to achieve safety, self-sufficiency, navigation through the criminal justice system, and access to healing and recovery. Advocates at The Initiative help clients create a strategic safety plan that incorporates the needs of the individual’s disability and other unique needs to safely leave the abusive situation. Advocates collaborate with other organizations to help clients and their dependents secure a safehouse, emergency hotel stay or provide financial assistance for out of state relocation to safety.


Embark Peer Coach Academy
Colorado Springs, CO

EmbarkPCA offers peer support, bilingual clinical treatment services, mobile outreach, and recovery education to individuals living with mental health and substance use disorders in Colorado. EmbarkPCA is a recovery community organization led by individuals with lived experience. This recovery-focused, client-driven, coordinated care is provided to under-resourced populations including individuals with justice involvement, Latinx/Hispanic and Spanish- speaking community members, individuals experiencing homelessness and housing instability, individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, and individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. With additional funding, EmbarkPCA will further expand its in-person mobile programming.


Colorado Springs, CO

Face It TOGETHER (FIT) is an addiction wellness nonprofit that offers compassionate, data-driven peer coaching to individuals 18 years and older. FIT helps families struggling with addiction, including persons with addiction and loved ones. Peer coaches are wellness partners who provide knowledge, support, and practical tools, all focusing on the social determinants of health (personal, social, cultural capital) and addiction-related risk factors. This project will specifically focus on targeted efforts to reach the indigent, LGBTQIA+ and military populations in CO to ensure access, free of charge, to FIT’s peer addiction wellness coaching.


Focus Points Family Resource Center
Denver, CO

With a focus on the Five Points neighborhood, this project has a mission to build better communities by strengthening families. They have created culturally responsive, community-driven programs to provide comprehensive and specialized supports to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty by providing programs and support to low-income children and parents. Funding for Focus Points Family Resource Center provides individuals with family support services, workforce development, adult education, and social enterprise programs. Services are intentionally broad and interconnected to provide long-term avenues for good jobs with fair pay, quality education and training, safe and healthy environments, and access to nutritious food.


Friends of Broomfield
Broomfield, CO

FRIENDS of Broomfield (FRIENDS) provides a comprehensive set of support programs through four distinct yet integrated programs that provide adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) a sense of independence and purpose. Day program participants choose from a variety of site-based and real-world activities that promote social, mental, and physical health while developing independence. FRIENDS will establish a behavioral therapy program and utilize project funds for this program to ensure it is operated well.


Hunger Free Colorado
Denver, CO

This project’s mission is to connect people to food resources, meet existing food needs, and drive policy, systemic, and social change to end hunger. Their work is rooted in a community-informed and driven model. Hunger Free Colorado’s programs focus on ensuring all Coloradans have equitable access to nutritious food needed to thrive. With help from additional funding, Hunger Free Colorado will continue their general operations to address food insecurity throughout Colorado with both up and down-stream initiatives.


The Action Center
Jeffco Action Center, Inc
Lakewood, CO

This project has addressed social determinants of health since 1968. As the most comprehensive nonprofit human services organization in Jefferson County, they will provide culturally appropriate nutritious food to those in need. These groups include people with disabilities, seniors, the homeless, and socially marginalized communities. This will address the root causes of poverty and social disparities and help all individuals regardless of their circumstances.


Increasing Accessibility of Breast Cancer Treatment for Latina Women
Servicios de La Raza
Denver, CO

Servicios de La Raza is the largest health and human services nonprofit organization serving low-income Indigenous and Chicano/Latino communities and other marginalized populations throughout Colorado. This project addresses the disparities in breast cancer screenings for Latina women, focusing on increasing education and equity. Working with Envision Radiology, they plan to make screenings and appointments with radiologists more accessible.


La Raza Services-Mental Health
Servicios de La Raza
Denver, CO

Servicios de La Raza is the largest health and human services nonprofit organization serving low-income Indigenous and Chicano/Latino communities and other marginalized populations throughout Colorado. This program addresses behavioral healthcare needs and provides a continuum of support that addresses the social determinants of health with the help of bilingual licensed therapists that provide free substance use disorder and mental health services to their communities' most vulnerable and under-served individuals and families.


Lifespan Local Support
Lifespan Local
Denver, CO

Lifespan Local cultivates community health and wellbeing through partnerships with residents and community champions. Centura funds will provide general operating support for Lifespan Local’s core programs: public health, maternal mental health, and food access. Funds will also build capacity for the Family Leadership Training Institute, PASO, and public health teams by providing training.


Outdoor Therapy Playgrounds for Children with Disabilities
Lil Friends
Broomfield, CO

The health, functioning, and quality-of-life experiences provided by Lil Friends lowers risk factors for children with developmental and physical disabilities. The organization seeks to help an often overlooked but critical need faced by children with disabilities: inequity in playground accessibility. The project outlined is for financial support to build an outdoor therapy playground that is designed to engage special-needs children physically, socially, and therapeutically.


LinkAGES Colorado
Pine, CO

LinkAGES Colorado, established in 2018, is a multi-sector, backbone-supported collaborative committed to addressing social isolation and loneliness across ages by creating opportunities for meaningful intergenerational connections. LinkAGES addresses the barriers to intergenerational programming by providing technical assistance, e.g., program development, community outreach, grant writing, partner matchmaking, and evaluation. The collaborative meets regularly to learn, problem-solve, and brainstorm new program ideas. Funding will be used to facilitate, and scale Unboxed, a six-week mixed-media, intergenerational storytelling program pairing LGBTQ+ youth and older adults.


Latina SafeHouse
Denver, CO

The mission of the Latina SafeHouse is to provide bilingual and culturally sensitive services to Latina domestic violence survivors and their families. Their principal goal is to empower Spanish-speaking Latina victims of domestic violence to move beyond the cycle of violence and achieve healthy independence. Latina SafeHouse advocates and educates, to increase community awareness and access to domestic violence victims services. This project will serve the need to provide culturally sensitive services to the population they serve which includes immigrants, undocumented, refugees, homeless, mixed-status families, low-income, limited English proficiency, transgender, and survivors.


The Durango Soup Kitchen
Durango, CO

Manna focuses on providing access to food, support services, service navigation, housing assistance, and job development to help program participants overcome social determinants of health barriers. Their program participants are the most fragile in the community. Manna has witnessed first-hand the complex and highly challenging illnesses and health emergencies they experience. Using this additional funding, access to Manna programs provides a valuable and effective way for unhoused and underserved people to receive support. Manna hopes to reduce barriers for those they serve.


Offering Resources for Residents in Affordable Housing
Mercy Housing Mountain Plains
Denver, Colo.

Mercy Housing Mountain Plains (MHMP) has been working to build capacity to support programming and resources for residents in the key areas of workforce development, employment, wealth building, and economic mobility. They are prioritizing Upskilling and Reskilling programming for residents to expand their access to better employment opportunities, increase economic mobility, maintain stable housing, and build overall wellbeing Working towards their goal to continue to support residents, MHMP will provide both childcare and reliable transportation for residents to participate in employment certification programs and workforce-related trainings.


Community Connections
Mountain Resource Center
Conifer, CO

The mission of Mountain Resource Center (MRC) is to strengthen its community with services that empower people. The agency was founded in 1990 to promote self-sufficiency for residents living in the rural, foothill region west of Denver. With the Community Connections project, the agency will partner with LinkAGES to provide a series of intergenerational cooking classes. The program will take place onsite in MRC's newly renovated kitchen. As part of the program, older adults are paired with youth (ages 9 to 18) to explore new foods, receive nutrition education, prepare meals created with food found in MRC's food pantry and make genuine connections.


Muslim Youth for Positive Impact
Broomfield, CO

Muslim Youth for Positive Impact (MYPI) focuses on serving disadvantaged, underserved, and underrepresented youth by empowering them and giving them opportunities to reach their full potential and become agents of change. MYPI benefits more than just Muslim youth: it gives adults the chance to be of service. MYPI provides opportunities for individuals to become mentors, tutors, volunteers, and leaders serving the youth. This powerful community creates a sense of belonging, instills a sense of confidence, and builds on individual identity centered around Islamic principles, stewardship, leadership, and personal wellness.


Nourish Colorado
LiveWell Colorado
Denver, CO

This project’s mission is to strengthen connections between farms and communities so that all Coloradans have equitable access to fresh, nutritious foods. Healthy Food in Institutions programs help K-12 and other programs source and serve nutritious, locally produced food through Local Procurement Colorado. The program facilitates farm to institution by educating, connecting, and training partners with information, contacts, and the know-how they need to procure, store, prepare and serve fresh, healthy food for communities. Healthy Food Incentives programs provide incentives to purchase healthy, local produce for participants in federal food assistance programs.


Expansion of Madres Comunitarias
Para Ti Mujer
Denver, CO

The project will amplify and expand our successful Madres Comunitarias (MC) program which supports vulnerable Latina women who have been affected by difficult situations that damage their mental health and who are prone to illnesses or negative emotions. Each participant receives services at no cost, beginning in the areas of mental health and personal development. MC strengthens women from within first and then invites them to give what they have learned to the community. The project will also establish a leadership pipeline and workforce development for MC graduates.


Project Angel Heart
Project Angel Heart
Denver, CO

This project, with their chefs and registered dietitians, helps to create meals that are tailored to meet clients' individual and medical dietary needs to alleviate hunger and complement their disease management and treatments. Meals are provided completely free of charge to clients and their families. With the funding, they help to prepare and deliver medically tailored meals for Coloradans with cancer, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease, and other severe illnesses.


RISE Colorado
Aurora, CO

RISE Colorado works to educate, engage, and empower low-income families and families of color to rise as change agents for educational equity in our public school system. RISE is founded on the belief that families are crucial to student and school success. Through knowledge building, authentic community organizing, and leadership development, families will end educational inequity. The COVID-19 pandemic taught RISE that an intersectional and holistic approach is necessary to ensure that families’ basic needs are met. They continue to help families maintain the bandwidth and capacity to focus on their children’s education and academic achievement.


Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance
Mancos, CO

This project is dedicated to strengthening seed and food security. Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance is working to insure a diverse and abundant supply of locally grown seed for the Rocky Mountain west by networking, education, helping support community-based models of seed stewardship. The project also supports seed adjacent services like access to capital for farmers and gardeners, access to clean water and land, and advocacy for policy changes that support community-based food systems. With additional funding, they aim to continue to address the root causes of food insecurity, health inequity, social injustice, and mental health issues by fostering and restoring a deep connection to land, food, seeds, and culture.


Safe Shelter of St Vrain Valley
Longmont, CO

Safe Shelter of St Vrain Valley focuses on those impacted by domestic, family, and teen dating violence, abuse in later life, and human trafficking. This program provides integrated, comprehensive services that are accessible, culturally relevant, trauma-informed, and client-driven. The proposed work will build on Safe Shelter's proven 44-year-old model of success by offering comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence.


Tri-Cities Homeless Navigation Center
South Metro Community Foundation
Littleton, CO

The Tri-Cities Homeless Navigation Center will address the social determinants of the most vulnerable people living in Littleton, Englewood, and Sheridan, Colorado. The South Metro Community Foundation and the Tri-Cities Homeless Navigation Center will utilize the Built for Zero model to reduce the number of unhoused individuals in these areas. The Navigation Center will work with up to 40+ service providers to bring their clients to the center. There, the clients’ unique needs will be assessed, and they will be mentored to get to needed services.


Public Transit Services 
Southern Colorado Community Action Agency
Ignacio, CO

Southern Colorado Community Action Agency’s mission is to empower community members of all ages to recognize and reach their full potential by providing select programs and services to create better communities. This project extends the service area for demand-response public transit services on the east side of La Plata County. It also helps people save money and have secure transportation to work, affordable transportation to Fort Lewis College, medical services, and other daily transportation needs.


Native American Community Health Worker Certificate Program
Southwestern Colorado Area Health Education Center
Durango, CO

The funds requested in this proposal are to pay for the implementation of a Native American Community Health Worker (CHW) certificate program at Fort Lewis College and will support staff and a pilot cohort of students. This certificate program, created as a collaboration between SWCAHEC and Fort Lewis College, can be either a stackable or terminal degree that will give students the skills and knowledge to work as a CHW in southwest Colorado. A program training Native American CHWs will increase access to health services for Native community members as well as create a pipeline to other health professions programs, adding needed diversity to the healthcare workforce.


Sun Valley Kitchen + Community Center (SVKCC)
Denver, CO

This project addresses food insecurity and economic instability in Sun Valley and surrounding neighborhoods by providing no-cost food distribution and workforce development programs for adults and youth. SVKCC was formed in response to residents' needs and has organically grown into a community-centered space. A variety of programs, including a no-cost grocery program, youth professional development program, entrepreneurship program, employment classes, and cooking classes help encourage the youth towards healthy food choices as well as academic support. With funding, SVKCC ensures that community members feel safe, heard, and welcome.


The Justice Center Support
The Justice Center- Pikes Peak Justice and Pro Bono Center
Colorado Springs, CO

The Justice Center (TJC) legal services address social and health inequities by providing the region’s underserved communities with legal advice and representation. Through their legal clinics, they provide free advice on legal-related health matters, and our pro bono and reduced-fee legal representation helps clients that are suffering from mental and physical health issues. Funding will help cover costs associated with providing free legal clinics, case management software and support to match clients with attorneys, pro bono training for volunteer attorneys, educational events, legal fees associated with court filings and proceedings, and volunteer retention and appreciation. TJC fills in the gaps for people in the Pikes Peak region who need one-time legal advice, resources to avoid eviction, and services to individuals who are not considered low-income but who cannot afford the full cost of an attorney.


Project Protect Food Systems Workers
The Project Protect Promotora Network

Arvada, CO

With the recent pandemic of COVID-19,Project Protect aims to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in rural Colorado by supporting agricultural workers. The team of six regional directors, 28 promotoras, and 32 neighborhood organizers provide information, resources, and assistance to the essential workers who produce our food. They distribute masks, COVID-19 tests, and vaccination appointments. In addition, they help those in agriculture with food assistance providers, childcare providers, adult education classes, and legal services. This project will use this funding to address disparities and give people of color a platform to advocate for solutions to issues affecting their communities.


Therapist of Color Collaborative
Denver, CO

Therapist of Color Collaborative (TOCC) was founded to serve individuals and families of color with therapeutic services that are culturally responsive, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and delivered with compassion to advance racial equity in mental health settings. Their goal is to remove the stigma around seeking mental health, racial injustices, and the lack of access continually experienced in communities of color. Funding will be used to expand critical mental health services and linkages to care in the BIPOC communities of Colorado.

The Community Immersion Initiative
Treeline Pass
Greenwood Village, CO

Treeline Pass (TSP) is an organization that focuses on programming that empowers adults with autism and developmental disabilities to overcome these disparities and attain their full potential for health and well-being through vocational training, supported employment, and behavioral services. TSP is launching the Community Immersion Initiative, an investment that will allow them to expand their clientele. Funding will help TSP purchase a new van, make renovations to a larger site, and increase staff training to expand their community impact.


Tri-Lakes Cares
Westside Cares and Crossfire Ministries
Monument, CO

This project is a partnership between Westside Cares and Crossfire Ministries to provide a wide variety of products and services that meets basic needs, provides relief from chronic poverty, and helps advance the health outcomes to households in El Paso County. Funding for Tri-Lakes Cares (TLC) helps operate a food pantry and a neighborhood nurse center, as well as provides financial assistance case management, self-sufficiency programs, seasonal assistance, and so much more. With the help of TLC, clients work directly with one of the case managers, who help guide them through immediate needs while also introducing self-sufficiency program opportunities to encourage them to work towards achieving autonomy.


Urban Symbiosis
Aurora, CO

Addressing the food deserts in the Northwest and Central Aurora area, Urban Symbiosis offers an array of garden programs to small urban businesses and food producers in addition to education services. With several partnering organizations, they have built out infrastructure for the parallel food system and are building a network of organizations to secure the food system. With these specific areas holding the highest rates of obesity in the state, they will provide more availability of affordable healthy food options.


VIVE Wellness- Food Security and Mental Health
VIVE Wellness
Denver, CO

With their neighborhood-based programs, VIVE helps to close the gap in health equity through linguistic and culturally appropriate wellness programs. Their approach focuses on both the mental and physical wellness of both children and their parents. With additional funding, VIVE plans on developing innovative ways of addressing mental health. They plan to do this by providing art, movement, and feeling part of their culture to their surrounding communities.


Center for Preventative Health Initiative
Vuela for Health
Denver, CO

Vuela’s Center for Preventative Health Initiative (CPHI) will create access points in local Metro Denver churches with promotoras in each identified church weekly, where the Latinx community can access preventive health services such as screening for prediabetes and diabetes, weight/obesity, chronic kidney disease, hypertension and assist in scheduling a breast or cervical cancer screenings. Their plan for providing preventative health screening in local neighborhood safe spaces reduces barriers. This plan, combined with the presence of culturally representative promotoras will increase the likelihood of the Latinx community accessing preventative health services and enrolling their children in healthcare systems.


Wild Plum Center for Young Children and Families
Longmont, CO

Wild Plum Center (WPC) currently serves hundreds of children ages 0 to 5, offering a complete continuum of care and education, which includes prenatal and postpartum care for pregnant women. WPC families are all below the federal poverty level and over 80% of the families served are from the Latino community. The WPC offers individualized and comprehensive services to both the child and the family. The WPC has been working to implement an integrated, sustainable, and effective mental health program to improve access, outcomes, and better mental health strategies within their entire program.


Projects that address social justice issues and advance health equity across Colorado, Western Kansas and Utah. 

Applicants should ensure their proposed work/project:

  • Serves a specific diverse underrepresented or underserved community (either based on geography or lived experience).
  • Addresses specific Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
  • Integrates members of communities being served (community participatory approach)
  • Builds community capacity, with an emphasis on utilizing community health workers
  • Identifies specific objectives that will be measured and reported.

Priority will be given to work that:

  • Aligns with Centura’s Social Justice Framework
  • Is done in collaboration with other organizations
  • Fills a significant and unique health-related gap
  • Supports existing successful care models
  • Is innovative, trying new approaches to reducing health disparities
  • Leverages funding from other sources.
  • $ 1 million will go to proposals addressing food security
  • $ 1 million will go to proposals addressing mental health
  • $ 3 million will go to proposals otherwise advancing social justice and health equity
  • April 15 - May 15, 2023: Interim reports due for 2022 awardees who are re-applying. 2022 Awardees may complete that report here
  • May 11 & May 12, 2023: Informational webinars for prospective applicants
  • May 15, 2023: Online application period opens
  • June 11, 2023: Online applications period closes
  • June 11 - June 30, 2023: Application review process
  • Week of July 2, 2023: Awardees announced 
  • July 1 - July 15, 2023: Checks sent to recipients
  • August 2023: Projects/work begins
  • October 2023 - August, 2024: Awardee site visits  
  • April 2024: Interim reports due
  • August 31, 2024: Final reports due

Requested amounts must be $50,000 or greater. Please note that depending on number of applications, some proposals may only receive partial funding. Please indicate if you are open to partial funding in the online application form.

Eligible activities:  

  • General operating support, capacity building, and technical assistance. Capital project funding will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible Applicants:

  • 501 (c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organizations
  • Non 501(c)(3) community-based organizations dedicated to serving diverse, underrepresented populations applying in conjunction with a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization as a fiscal sponsor (see Sponsor Letter Template here).
  • Sovereign Tribal Nations (federally recognized tribal governments)
  • Applicant must be operating in Colorado, Western Kansas, or Utah and within 50 miles of a Centura facility or a Centura-affiliated facility.

Ineligible activities/applicants:

  • Debt retirement or operating deficit
  • Scholarships/endowments
  • Studies/research
  • Political advocacy work or campaigns
  • Public agencies including health departments and local governments (excluding Sovereign Tribal Nations)
  • Physician-owned (or physician immediate family-owned) organizations where physician may be able to refer


  • Complete online grant application submitted by deadline. No emailed applications will be accepted.
  • If awarded, conduct one meeting/visit with Centura leadership within the project year.
  • If awarded, submit outcomes and financial report by August 31, 2024 at this link.

Centura's health priorities maps help to identify the most pressing health and safety needs within the regions of our various hospitals.

View Health Priorities Maps

Erika Manuel, and Jennifer Wagner, in the office space, in corporate HQ building in Centennial, Colorado.
Erika Manuel, and Jennifer Wagner, in the office space, in corporate HQ building in Centennial, Colorado.

Online application process

The online application process opens May 15, 2023 and all online applications must be submitted by June 11, 2023 at 11:59 pm MST. No emailed applications will be accepted.

IMPORTANT! There is a 90-minute time limit to complete the online application. The online application form automatically closes after that time. The limit is the maximum the online application software will allow. We recommend you compose your answers in a separate Word document and copy-paste them into the online application, so you do not lose content. Review the sample application.



Questions regarding the grant can be directed to [email protected]. Please allow one week for responses. No emailed applications will be accepted.


Informational webinars

Informational webinars

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Helpful resources

Helpful resources