Community Health and Community Benefit

Giving back to the communities we serve

Centura Health takes a planned, organized and measured approach to meeting identified community health needs or increasing access to health care. Each of our hospitals conducts a regular Community Health Needs Assessment to determine the priorities upon which to focus our community health efforts based upon need in our communities. We address these priorities in three ways: 1) what we do as a large employer and business in the community, 2) what we do as a health care organization meeting the needs or our patients, and 3) our Community Benefit, or that which happens outside a hospital’s walls.

In 2019, Centura Health engaged in the Hospital Transformation Program to improve the health of our patients who have Medicaid as a source of insurance. As part of this process, we conducted a Community and Health Neighborhood Engagement process to understand how we could best improve the health of our patients. This offered another opportunity to understand the community’s health priorities and to design interventions for our patients that align with the needs in our communities.