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Returning from the Frontline of COVID-19

Determined to extend our healing ministry to communities that need us the most, Centura caregivers who were called off due to low volumes and the postponement of elective surgeries and procedures recently filled a vital special request to provide staffing support at three facilities in hard-hit areas of New Jersey due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A 34-member team of Registered Nurses with Medical-Surgical and Emergency Department experience and an administrator served for three to four weeks as a part of each facility’s care team. In May, our group of incredible caregivers came home to a heroes’ welcome, as family and colleagues greeted them at Denver International Airport with cheers and gifts.

Witness their emotional arrival as several team members share their thoughts upon returning from the frontlines. For additional powerful insights, also view the video diaries captured by three members during their work amid New Jersey’s surge of medical and humanitarian needs.

Video Diaries From the Frontline

Jamie Samuels, Med Surg RN, Centura – St. Francis working in the Med Surge unit at a New Jersey hospital, Trinitas Regional Medical Center in Elizabeth. She has been filming moments of her journey on this three-week deployment.

Amy King, SVP and Chief People Officer for Centura Health. She accompanied our 34 incredible caregivers to New Jersey and is serving as Ambassador for this trip.

Amy Espinosa, Emergency Department, RN, St. Anthony North Health Campus is working in the ED at a New Jersey hospital, St. Joseph’s Health in Paterson. She has been filming reflections of her time serving during this three-week deployment.