A Major Milestone

April 1, 2021
peace, love and a covid-19 vaccine

This is a monumental moment in the fight against COVID-19. At this very moment, every Coloradan age 16 and older can register to receive the vaccines that will eventually end this pandemic. This fact along is a miracle.

To see how far we’ve come, all you have to do is look back to April 2020. Doctors were unsure of how to treat the virus, our hospitals were overwhelmed and drug makers couldn’t tell us when the vaccine would be ready. We were staring into the unknown wondering how it would all end. One thing that was never in question was that researchers across the globe were fighting with every bit of their heart and soul to find a solution.

Those solutions are now rolling in. You can now receive one of three vaccines against COVID-19 and more will be on the way in the coming months. Researchers are hard at work on a booster shot to ensure we all maintain our immunity to COVID-19. Plus, data from a trial of 2,300 children between the ages of 12 and 15 shows the Pfizer vaccine is 100% effective.

As the eligible number of people who can receive the vaccine grows, it’s important that we all remember to be patient. No system is built to vaccinate millions of people in a week, let alone a month. Centura, along with all hospital and medical systems across the state, is working as fast as it can to ensure everyone gets a dose. Your health and wellbeing will always be our top priority.

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