Medical Laboratory Scientist

Centura Laboratory Services at Penrose Hospital provides Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Internships through Beth-EL College of Nursing and Health Sciences of University of Colorado Colorado Springs.

This program is done in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) supplying the academic curriculum which generates 43 credit hours and is divided into three parts: 

  1. Student lab - 11 weeks on site at UNMC in Omaha beginning in May of each year
  2. First clinical rotation - 13 weeks - Penrose Hospital Laboratory 
  3. Second clinical rotation - 25 weeks - Penrose Hospital Laboratory

During clinical rotations 1 and 2, the student will receive academic material online via Blackboard educational platform coincident with performance of clinical laboratory work under the supervision of a hospital medical laboratory scientist. Upon completion of this year's work the student will either qualify for a BS in Health Sciences with a MLS/CLS major (3+1) or if they already have a baccalaureate degree (4+1), a certificate of completion of a accredited MLS/CLS program with qualifications to sit for national ASCP certification. 

What is a Medical Laboratory Scientist? 
This specialty also know as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist is responsible for the development, performance, and evaluation of laboratory testing that is needed in patient medical care and clinical research. Medical Laboratory Scientists analyze samples of blood, tissue, and body fluids using technology and a variety of analytical techniques. 70-80% of all medical decisions are based on laboratory results. 

The program in Medical Laboratory Science meets all of the standards and requirements as specified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists and National Agency for the Accreditation and Certification of Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS). 

Any questions related to the Clinical Laboratory Science (Medical Technologist) Option can be answered, email us.