Get inspired to get your body moving.

Keeping up with the kids. Completing your first 5K run. Whatever your goal, it starts with a commitment to yourself to get active by introducing exercise into your daily routine.

The key to successfully incorporating exercise into your daily life is to find an activity that fits with your lifestyle and schedule – and that you enjoy. If you have a family, consider an activity that everyone can enjoy together – like riding bikes around your neighborhood. If you love watching television, do it while walking on a treadmill. If you’re stressed, try yoga – it’s a great physical and mental workout.

When you’re ready to start an exercise program, start slowly. Let your body adjust to the increased activity. Listen to it and understand it takes time to build up to an optimal fitness level. Set realistic goals and reward yourself for your accomplishments. And, of course, consult your physician.

Centura Health has helpful resources to assist you with tracking and managing your exercise goals: