CHPG Vascular and General Surgery

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CHPG Vascular and General Surgery

Centura Health Physician Group

General Surgical Specialties

CHPG Vascular and General Surgery offers comprehensive surgical services for patients in need of general surgeries. Our surgical specialties include:

  • Gastrointestinal Tract and Colorectal Surgery

    Our surgeons provide treatments and procedures for a broad range of routine and complex alimentary tract conditions

    • Antireflux surgery / Nissen Fundoplication for GERD
    • Surgery for Hiatal and Paraesophageal Hernias
    • Gastrectomy / Surgery for stomach cancer, tumors, feeding tubes, etc.
    • Small bowel resection and surgery for adhesions and bowel obstruction
    • Colon and Rectal Surgery for cancer, polyps, and diverticulitis
    • Appendectomy
    • Pancreatectomy
  • Biliary Tract Surgery

    This is the surgical treatment for diseases of the liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts.

    Our surgeons offer the following operations if needed:

    • Cholecystectomy / removal of the gallbladder
    • Liver Biopsy
    • Wedge resection liver tumors
  • Hernia Repair

    Hernias are one of the most common conditions requiring surgery. Our surgeons are experienced at treating a wide array of hernia types.

    • Inguinal Hernia
    • Ventral Hernia / Incisional Hernia
    • Umbilical Hernia
    • Femoral Hernia
  • Endocrine Surgery

    We are dedicated to providing compassionate, quality care for the surgical treatment of a full range of benign and malignant conditions of the endocrine system.

    • Thyroid surgery
    • Parathyroid surgery
    • Adrenal surgery
  • Skin and Subcutaneous surgery

    A myriad of skin and soft tissue conditions exist that require medical attention. Should surgery be needed, the following operations are performed:

    • Melanoma resection and sentinel node biopsy
    • Lymph node biopsy
    • Removal of skin and SQ lesions - lipoma, sebaceous cyst, etc.
  • Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery

    Many of the operations listed above can be performed in a minimally invasive manner, with the DaVinci Robotic system and/or laparoscopically, including:

    • Splenectomy - spleen removal for ITP, enlarged spleen, tumor, etc.
    • Colon resection
    • Inguinal Hernia
    • Umbilical Hernia
    • Ventral Hernia
    • Splenectomy
    • Nissen fundoplication for GERD
    • Cholecystectomy
    • Appendectomy
    • Gastrectomy / stomach resection for tumor or mass