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Dimensions Pain Management
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Dimensions Pain Management

Centura Health Physician Group

Welcome to Dimensions Pain Management

Pain hurts. We Can Provide Pain Management Solutions.

It's a simple truth, an obvious fact. Solving the complex problems of debilitating pain is neither simple nor obvious. Often it demands the breadth of knowledge and skill that only a doctor who specializes in pain relief can offer.

Our pain management physicians are experts in interventions for relieving your pain and restoring your quality of life. We use the least invasive and most effective techniques to diagnose and treat painful conditions - often with fewer side effects, less risk of complications and less reliance on medications. Whether your symptoms are new or you've suffered for years, we can help. Even if it seems you've tried everything, you may be surprised how much better you could feel.

Meet Our Providers

Doctor assessing pain

As specialists in pain management, we can:

  • Thoroughly assess and accurately diagnose your condition
  • Develop a comprehensive pain relief plan specific to your needs
  • Provide targeted treatments that deliver medicine right where you hurt
  • "Turn off" pain signals or disrupt their communication with your brain
  • Provide therapeutic and diagnostic support in preparation for surgery

Pain Management Services

  • Patient Forms & Policies

    We will make every effort to make your visit as pleasant as possible. As pain specialists, we treat all types of painful conditions with a comprehensive approach. You have been referred to our office for evaluation of your painful condition and an explanation of possible treatment options. In order to make the best recommendations for your particular case, we may need additional tests, such as CT scans, X-rays, and MRIs. We also need to know your general medical condition and history, as these might affect the choice of treatments prescribed.

    We have included forms for you to complete prior to your appointment. It is very important that you complete these forms accurately and completely. If you have any questions about how to complete the forms, please call our office and we can assist you. We are happy to discuss your case with your primary care provider or other doctors involved in your care. Please be sure to provide an accurate address and phone number for your medical provider(s), to insure the information is forwarded correctly. 

    Patient Forms & Check-In Information

    In order to streamline your appointment check-in process, we encourage you to activate a MyCenturaHealth account for online access to your patient portal via website or mobile app.

    With an active MyCenturaHealth account you will have the ability to complete patient demographic and health history forms prior to your appointment. This will also allow you to communicate with your provider, receive health screening reminders, access test results, read progress notes and schedule future appointments.

    If you are a new patient with a scheduled appointment and need a MyCenturaHealth activation code please call 866-414-1562.

    If you do not want to complete your check-in process via MyCenturaHealth, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment to complete your patient forms.