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Care. Compassion. Life.

About HealthSET

At HealthSET, our mission is to extend the healing ministry of Christ by serving and empowering the low-income elderly in the Denver metro area through nursing, education, and advocacy to transform the quality of their lives.

Our History

HealthSET has been serving and empowering the low-income elderly in the Denver Metro area through nursing, education, and advocacy for over 29 years. HealthSET was founded by the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters in 1988, with our initials standing for Service, Empower, and Transform. The Sisters recognized an unmet need in their community and founded HealthSET to attend to the needs of the underserved including the poor, frail, elderly population. Our first health promotion clinic was held that year at a Denver Housing Authority (DHA) subsidized senior residence, Thomas Bean, and included basic wellness checks and health screenings.

Today, we have expanded our reach to 23 low-income senior living facilities, and have extended the services we provide to include advocacy and connections to community resources. Our services have always been provided at no cost to our clients.

How We Have Evolved

HealthSET was founded in 1988 as an organization that provided free health promotion clinics to the poor and underserved in Denver. HealthSET has grown to provide expert senior care to 23 locations with the unique and growing component of client advocacy. We are one of few organizations in the area providing these comprehensive resources and services to this population.

What Services We Provide

Skilled Nurses:

  • Check client’s vital signs including blood pressure, oxygen levels, pulse, and weight.
  • Monitor blood glucose levels for clients that are diabetic or pre-diabetic.
  • Educate clients on monthly health topics.
  • Provide medication management and answer clients’ health questions or concerns.

Client Advocates:

  • Assess and identify client needs and barriers to quality care.
  • Refer clients to appropriate Primary and Specialist Care, such as vision or dental.
  • Address financial needs and help connect clients to assistance programs for transportation, nutrition and more.
  • Educate clients on Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will, and other Advance Directive documents.
  • Screen for depression or other possible mental health needs.
  • Obtain durable medical equipment when medically necessary, or assist when current equipment is damaged or broken.  
  • Coordinate with in-home services for housekeeping, medication management, or other activities of daily living. 

Awards & Recognitions

In 2013 our lead clinic nurse was awarded the Non-Medical Physician Provider of the Year Award from the Colorado Coalition of the Medically Underserved. In 2012, a HealthSET nurse was awarded for her commitment to preserving independence and enhancing quality of life for Denver Housing Authority's senior and disabled populations. In 2016, DHA also recognized HealthSET on their prestigious “Wall of Fame” for helping residents reach significant self-sufficiency goals. These honors speak to the impact and view of the organization in the community.

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  • Client Stories

    Changing lives. Giving hope.

    Diana's Story
    Diana's Story

    Diana's Story

    Diana is a 67-year-old woman who first came to our clinic as a newly diagnosed diabetic. She was confused about this disease, was having difficulty taking her medications properly, and subsequently her eyesight was declining. She needed new eyeglasses and significant dental work. With frequent visits to HealthSET Diana learned how to manage her diabetes and organize her medications. In addition to enhancing her physical health, her quality of life is improved as she now has prescription glasses and full dentures.

    Mr. Robertson
    Mr. Robertson, 76 years old

    Mr. Robertson's Story

    Mr. Robertson came to us requesting financial assistance for glasses. Due to complications from a previous cancer diagnosis, Mr. Robertson has lost the ability to speak. He used pen and paper to request help in getting an exam and new glasses. His exam revealed that he was diagnosed with low-vision, which posed significant risk to Mr. Robertson’s health. Without the ability to speak or see well, he was at risk of fall and injury, with no way to communicate to others if he was hurt.

    Due to Mr. Robertson’s low-vision diagnosis, it became apparent that his glasses would be costly. Client advocate Amanda reached out to the Joint Coalition Assistance Fund (JCAF), Friends of Man, and the Jeffco Action Center in applying for financial assistance on behalf of the client.

    Once approved, Amanda enlisted the help of a volunteer to provide necessary transportation. Mr. Robertson’s quality-of-life and safety are greatly improved now that he has the correct eyeglasses.

    Ms. Peterson
    Ms. Peterson, 79 years old

    Ms. Peterson's Story

    Ms. Peterson has a drive to improve her health and take preventative measures, which includes her exercise routine. She had always been active, whether it be walking, swimming, or biking. However, as Ms. Peterson grew older, her arthritis became a barrier to her maintaining an active lifestyle. She had begun to gain weight, and the pain of her arthritis coupled with the inactivity it caused was making her feel depressed, lonely, and isolated.

    Client Advocates researched alternative options for Ms. Peterson and learned of the Easter Seals warm water therapy pools. Located conveniently close to the clients’ building, the warm water pools have many benefits for those with Arthritis suffering from arthritic pain offer strength training and low intensity cardio aerobics. Client advocates applied for a reduced rate based on the clients’ income, then utilized the Joint Coalition Assistance Fund to obtain a warm water pool pass for Ms. Peterson. Now that she is active again, her pain has decreased, her mobility and mental health have improved, and she has even made a few new friends.

    Antonio's Story

    Sometimes our clients come to HealthSET with life-threatening health issues that need immediate attention. Antonio arrived at HealthSET one day in extreme pain and discomfort with no clear cause. The pain caused him to stop eating, and he subsequently became very weak and lost a one quarter of his body weight. His condition became so bad that he was even considering suicide. Through extensive care coordination, our nurses helped Antonio get a special procedure that successfully treated his underlying condition and allowed him to eat again. In the process, we also helped reunite him with his previously estranged son.