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Cancer Center

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St. Anthony Hospital Cancer Support Services

Supporting you through cancer treatment.
At St. Anthony Cancer Center, we understand the importance of support services throughout the cancer treatment process. Services are available to all patients, providing assistance and counseling to help them and their families cope with health, stress and social issues surrounding cancer.

Cancer Support Services Include:

  • Assessment for psychological and social issues to determine treatment needs
  • Counseling (individual and family) to help with addiction, anxiety, depression, hostility and family related issues.
  • Integrative Healing Programs - offered through the St. Anthony Hospital Mission and Ministry program. 
  • Stress Management classes designed for patients and their families that includes behavioral health, healing and mindful meditation, health care communication skills and relaxation techniques and biofeedback.
  • Smoking Cessation (Individual and Group)

For more information about the support services available to cancer treatment patients, contact the Nurse Navigator.

Phone: 720-321-8232.

Photo of boutique offering wigs and soft hats

Cancer Center Boutique

When patients undergo cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, the emotional impact of physical appearances, especially hair loss, can be overwhelming.

At the St. Anthony Cancer Center we provide the support patients and their families need to make this journey easier.  Our nurse navigator can provide practical assistance across several dimensions-medical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual-or connect the patient with someone who can.

One of these services is a new patient boutique, sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  The boutique offers wigs, soft caps and care planners all free of charge to our cancer treatment patients.  Patients have access to a private fitting room and are able to browse and select items without the need to order or worry about added expenses.