Centura Health Invests $1.5 Million to Support Caregivers Impacted by the Marshall Fire

January 26, 2022

(LOUISVILLE, COLO.) At Centura Health, the region’s health care leader, the caregivers who were caught in the path of the Marshal Fire lived their personal missions – putting patient safety and care before their own concerns. To honor and support those who suffered losses during the wildfire, Centura is pleased to announce we are investing $1.5 million to help these compassionate caregivers rebuild their lives.

While many of our caregivers are still assessing the damage to their homes, to date we know 23 suffered a complete loss and 31 suffered partial damage,” said Sebastien Girard, senior vice president and chief people officer. “Supporting the whole health – mind, body and spirit – of our impacted caregivers has been and will remain our top priority.  We understand the healing and rebuilding process will take time and this is just the first step in our commitment our caregivers.”

This $1.5 million investment in those impacted, coupled with the generosity of our amazing communities, has allowed Centura to offer the following support: 

  • Centura is providing financial support to individuals who have experienced loss. Initial financial assistance amounts will include a $10,000 payroll contribution, and access to an additional grant of $10,000 in partnership with Centura’s Health Foundations for those with a full loss
  • For those who suffered a partial loss, Centura is offering a $5,000 payroll contribution with access to an additional grant of $5,000 in partnership with our foundations.
  • Centura is covering up to three months of housing for caregivers who have experienced the loss of their homes.
  • Every Avista caregiver who was scheduled to work and wanted to keep working was redeployed to other hospitals across our connected ecosystem or paid in full at their base rate to ensure they had time to begin the process of recovery if they were impacted by the Marshall Fire.

As our communities continue to recover and rebuild from this devastating wildfire, we too will continue to reassess the needs of our impacted caregivers and provide support as they work to rebuild. We are loving neighbors helping loving neighbors. Real people partnering with real people, and we are dedicated to living our vision: Every community, every neighborhood, every life — whole and healthy.