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Concentra Acquires Five Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine

On March 27, Concentra® acquired five occupational health centers from Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine (CCOM) located in Colorado. As part of this acquisition, CCOM South Denver, CCOM Sisters Grove, and CCOM Pueblo became Concentra medical centers. The CCOM Church Ranch location at 7233 Church Ranch Boulevard, Cottonwood Pod, Westminster, Colorado 80021 closed and combined with Concentra’s Broomfield location at 290 Nickel Street, Suite 200, Broomfield, Colorado 80020. The CCOM Broadmoor location at 1263 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite 130, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906 closed and combined with Concentra’s Bijou location at 402 West Bijou Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905. Current CCOM patients will still have access to high quality occupational health care in their communities, just now from a new name and with the additional resources of a national health care organization. 

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Who is Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine?

As a designated medical provider for workers' compensation injuries in the State of Colorado for over 20 years, CCOM offers employers access to a wide variety of occupational medicine experts to assist with cost containment, policy development, safety presentations, injury prevention and more.

When CCOM providers treat an employee who has been injured on the job, the goal is to return that worker to the workplace in a productive capacity as quickly as possible while minimizing the cost of treatment, non-productive time and potential disability claims. This goal is accomplished through aggressive patient management and working in a partnership with employers to manage claims and help prevent future injuries.

It is our responsibility to our employer clients to understand federal and state regulations, insurance company standards, OSHA regulations, NIOSH recommendations, hazardous chemical requirements, ADA law, DOT regulations and other factors unique to occupational medicine.

CCOM employs a fulltime physician to staff each ambulatory care center. Some centers also staff physician extenders that treat patients under physician direction. Physical exams, physical demands baseline screening and job specific agility testing are preformed at the clinics as well as x-ray, medical monitoring and other industrial medicine services.

Referrals for specialty care are directed to a select panel of specialists. The panel of specialists are selected based upon experience, quality of care, outcomes, and responsiveness to our primary care physicians and case management staff.

As you can see, CCOM experience, focus, and concern for the community makes it the logical and best choice for your Occupational Medicine needs.

  • Why Choose CCOM?

    CCOM the first choice in occupational medicine. 

    Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine (CCOM) truly is your partner in this community. We have been in the community providing occupational medicine for over 20 years, and the Centura Health hospitals have been providing community healthcare for over 100 years.  Let CCOM partner with you in containing your workers' compensation costs.

    • Full-service one-stop provider for all of your industrial medicine needs
    • Access to medical care 7 days a week, 24 hours a day through Centura Health clinics and hospital Emergency departments
    • Qualified staff with years of experience
    • In-depth understanding of Worker Compensation issues and laws
    • Service in cities throughout Colorado
    • The support of Centura Health, Colorado's largest non-profit health care delivery system


    To find a CCOM facility near you, visit the Locations page.

    After hours locations

    Locate a facility for urgent medical attention near you during after hours, visit the Urgent Care & ER Wait Time page.

    Hours of operation

    Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Note: After hours urgent medical care and upon suspicion/post accident/incident drug testing and breath alcohol testing is available at our affiliated Hospital Emergency Departments.

  • Credential Ratings

    Your experts in occupational medicine.

    The physicians and staff that work at CCOM are subjected to a stringent hiring and credentialing process before they are considered for employment. Our physicians are trained and experienced in all aspects of occupational medicine. We provide continuing medical education programs to maintain state of the art medical skills.

  • Customer Service

    Making your experience easy & efficient.

    Your company would be assigned a customer service representative, who would act as a primary contact person for the CCOM system. The customer service representative assists with additional health care needs, orchestrating various programs, scheduling case staffings, establishing employer protocol within the Centura Health system and problem resolution.

    CCOM's occupational health care program provides a communication system that will keep you and your carrier or TPA informed on the status of your employee's health. This will allow you to track health care costs, determine staffing needs should an employee require modified work and provide professional direction for job placement with respect to the ADA.

    Communication program

    To ensure that the patients who access our clinics are satisfied with the care they receive, we utilize a Patient Satisfaction Survey. To do this, workers' compensation patients are surveyed during the course of their treatment. CCOM employer clients are surveyed two times per year. The results are reported back to them. This data is critical to our continued success as it helps us measure our strengths and weaknesses and monitors the ever-changing health care environment.

    • Approval for medical treatment through telephone contact with the authorized representative(s) at your company.
    • Availability of the CCOM physician to discuss questions concerning the work restrictions with the authorized member of your staff.
    • Copies of the Work Restriction Report are returned with the employee and faxed to the company representative.
    • Computerized quarterly reports that summarize your company activity at the clinic, upon request.
    • Case staffings scheduled as needed with you, your carrier or TPA. Staffings are provided to review specific cases, provide updates and allow for interaction with the treatment team.