For Patient-Employee

Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) are provided below to answers common questions regarding occupational medicine services and the role the patient takes in the care received.

  • Patient FAQs

    I already have a doctor, why do I need to go to CCOM?
    CCOM Providers are trained and have vast experience in treating work related injuries and illnesses. Our providers follow the Division of Labors Treatment Guidelines. This is important to assure that the injured/ill worker is getting consistent quality care. When the injured worker is at maximum medical improvement, a Level II Certified Physician will document this status based on those guidelines.

    I went to the Emergency Department for treatment, do I need to go to CCOM for follow up?
    Yes. The CCOM Provider will evaluate your injury, work up a treatment plan and establish work restriction when it is appropriate. They will also supply information to the workers compensation insurance carrier to assist in the administration of your claim as well as keep your employer advised of the status of your injury.

    I saw the CCOM doctor but I am not able to go to work today?
    You will need to contact your company representative. They will direct you to come into to the CCOM Clinic to be evaluated that day. This will insure that the injured employee is getting the necessary care and are not at risk of further injury.

    I have been released from care I started hurting again, what should I do?
    Report this to your Supervisor. Your company will contact the insurance adjustor. The insurance adjustor will authorize an evaluation of the condition.

    I missed my appointment, what should I do?
    You will need to call the CCOM Clinic and schedule another appointment. The CCOM Staff will be sending a letter to the Employee, the employee`s Supervisor and the Insurance Adjustor. This letter is to advise that the employee has missed the scheduled appointment.

    I am seeing the doctor for my knee injury, will the doctor "refill" my heart medication?
    No. The CCOM Providers will only treat the worker compensation claim that has been authorized by the workers compensation insurance Claims Adjustor.