Flight For Life® Colorado - First Hospital-Based Air Ambulance Flight For Life® Colorado truly is a pioneer in the field of air medical transport.

In continuous service since 1972, St. Anthony Flight For Life was the first civilian, hospital-based emergency medical helicopter in the United States. Over 300 flight programs around the country and around the world have since been modeled on this concept. Over 90,000 flights later, our leadership in the field continues.

Although our familiar orange helicopters may be the most visible aspect of our mission, longer distance transport is provided on fixed wing aircraft. Recognizing a critical unmet community need, Flight For Life® Colorado implemented Critical Care Transport (CCT), a highly specialized ground ambulance equipped as a mobile intensive care unit in March of 1996.

On June 1, 2004, St. Anthony Flight For Life and Penrose-St. Francis Flight For Life in Colorado Springs consolidated under a single administrative structure based at St. Anthony Hospital and became Flight For Life® Colorado. The following November, operations expanded to Pueblo with a fourth helicopter.

Since its inception, Flight For Life® Colorado has served as a community service to the people of Colorado and the surrounding region. Although operated by St. Anthony Hospital, in partnership with The Childrens' Hospital of Denver, Penrose-St. Francis Health Services in Colorado Springs, and St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, Flight For Life® Colorado transports patients to any appropriate medical facility, based on the condition of the patient, the patient's request, and the request of the sending or receiving physicians.

Available twenty-four hours a day, Flight For Life® Colorado may be requested by any physician, ambulance service, fire department, law enforcement agency, ski patrol, or search and rescue group. A patient's ability to pay is never questioned when urgent transport is needed.